Psst! Want to make Surfing a breeze? Check out our new Murfing app, perfect for planning your journey by the ocean and monitor your ride with a GPS map. Upcoming features include additional routes based on votes from our riders and downloadable maps in case you’re off the grid. Experience one of Summer’s best pastimes at its finest with an Izzy Paia Electric Cruiser today!

Murf-her fantasies never seem quite as blissful as they do when we take them up North Delta’s beautiful coastline. Who wants to deal with oil changes, parking spots, or traffic jams this summer? What better way than cushioned saddle seats and sun-kissed skin instead of scorching pavement. Right on!

The Murf Moped is the perfect ride for long beach days and short commutes. You’ll love its 750-watt motor, 14.5 amp-hour battery, and classic styling.

We use top of the line Samsung batteries that are 50% lighter than lead-acid cells, can be charged in less than 2 hours with an optional charger accessory (not included), get you up to 25 real-world miles per charge depending on terrain, the weight of the rider, and riding style. And they’re safer too! No more acid spills or cables to worry about when your battery dies while out riding around town.

Five pedal-assisted levels give you the choice of power depending on style. Adjustable handlebars and specially designed seats mean anyone can ride! Enhanced comfort is built into these bikes with a flat aluminum bar to prevent wrist pain from long distances rides in glassy terrain. With a top speed of 20 mph and an adjustable throttle for consistent settings, Murf bikes are perfect for riding around your favorite beach towns. Go ahead and get yourself a bike to make all your summer memories last just that much longer.

The Murf Electric Cruiser Bike is a classic beach cruiser with a twist: full-power pedal assist. Ride any time of day or night thanks to our high-quality Samsung battery, which will get you between 25-45 miles per charge, depending on weight and terrain. Charge your bike in the morning using our intelligent USB charger, so it’ll be ready if you need to take that afternoon ride down the boardwalk after surfing all morning. Is it tired of countless gadgets that don’t bring any absolute joy? You won’t find one with a more functional design than our new electric cruiser bikes! It comes infused with classic beach style and an array of high-quality features, including five levels of pedal-assist, so you can find just whatever it is that makes riding fun for you. Let’s get started with a move, shall we? Ride to the beach on your Murf electric cruiser bike. Whether you’re looking for some time in the sun or want to take it easy while enjoying what summer has to offer, this is a great way to do it. It features solid 700c wheels that look awesome while going along any surface – whether paved or not. Boost never tasted so good.

Ride the boardwalk with this sleek cruiser bike. It has all the features you love from a beach cruiser or enjoy biking in your favorite destination to find hidden treasures and experience new adventures.