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The perfect hike for anyone looking to explore has beautiful ocean views and a gorgeous waterfall in the distance. Maui Ridge & Waterslides Hike is an intense, 5-mile round trip hike down that can be slippery moving back up, so bring good hiking shoes! After your strenuous climb, you are rewarded with hidden waterfalls and pools to swim, jump into and cool off in. Kids love this alternative to swimming at the hotel’s pool all day while parents enjoy some time on vacation without them!

We provide light snacks like apple cider muffins or banana bread, as well as bottled water packed in a cooler where they can stash their towel if it gets too hot out (optional).

Maui Ridge & Waterslides Hike is the ultimate family adventure! Incredible ocean views and one of Maui’s most prominent waterfalls in the distance. It’s a relatively steep 5-mile hike round trip and can be slippery going back down, so good hiking shoes are necessary. The 2nd phase is a unique local experience, which involves a short hike down to hidden waterfall slides and pools to swim, jump (watch out for sea urchin spines!), climb into, and cool off in. Kids especially love this part of the hike- it’s packed with life-size jumping toys like ducks and teddy bears make great photo ops.

Snorkeling in Hawaii – a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you and your friends will never forget. Maui Watersports allows visitors to be up close and personal with an untouched ecosystem, exploring some of the most fantastic corals on earth. Leave Maui Watersports with unforgettable memories!

Experience Maui’s most awe-inspiring scenic views of the ocean, along with a unique local experience: one which includes hidden waterfall slides and pools to swim in! This 5-mile hike involves a steep trek back up. Good hiking shoes are necessary for safety purposes, so pack them. We provide light snacks, bottled water, umbrellas, headlamps, and flashlights, as well as first aid kits – beware that mosquitoes might come out mid-afternoon (so be prepared). A quick note about Dramamine: there is a high likelihood you will need it on your return from this adventure.

This adventurous and scenic hike on the Maui ridge is one of a kind. The ocean view can’t be beaten! Once you get to the top, there’s also a hidden waterfall that features slides and pools for an even deeper experience. Watch your footing getting down – it can get slippery without good hiking shoes – but don’t worry about what’s waiting at the bottom. If you’re lucky, you’ll have just experienced one of our best-kept secret spots on the island with some very unique locals. You won’t regret this adventure.

Maui Ridge and Water Slides is an incredible hike that takes you up to some of Maui’s most breathtaking views. On the other hand, the second phase also allows you to enjoy uncharted territory with a unique local experience in one of Maui’s few waterfalls. Come prepared for this adventure with us!