Are you looking for a relaxing getaway that will bring your family and friends together? Look no further than Maui, Hawaii. Families have been enjoying the wonders of this tropical paradise for years now. With our exclusive Maui Hour Package, all you’ll need is to pack up your suitcase (and don’t worry about those pesky airport delays or flight changes).

There is more to Maui than just Waikiki Beach. Sure, you can spend your time sunning on the white sand while sipping strawberry daiquiris. Still, for an authentic experience of island life, you better start moving inland and exploring what’s waiting around those lava coasts. So when it’s time for some family portrait downtime, consider taking that Maui Hour Package deals—one location shoot with ample time limited only by how much beachfront we need to cover.

Maui Hour Package instantly captures the joy of your family’s big vacation. Experience the vibe of Maui with a photoshoot that will be all you need for those Instagram posts and lasting memories to cherish forever. Are you finally taking the family on that vacation everyone’s been promised? The one where you can swim in gorgeous, warm seas and explore vast, untouched regions. Venture to unknown lands of jungles and fruit trees to find yourself and your family. Pack everything up for a hassle-free vacation with this Maui package! This product includes an hour shoot at a location near you, so all those crucial moments are captured in vivid detail. One photographer is included to make sure mom, dad, grandma, grandpa sister, brother, niece, nephew, son daughter are getting their time without missing any precious memories because they just got back from picking cherries or trekking the jungle for red pepper soup ingredients, at the end of what will be a splendid week.

Time goes so fast. Enjoy that special day with the kids and capture their moments in love for a lifetime with our Maui Hour Package. Including 8 hours worth of Timeless memories, mom will be able to share these gorgeous pictures from this photo session they took on their last vacation together. Our Maui hour package lasts 60-75 minutes and includes 80-100 photos edited with your favorite poses! You’ll receive all these precious memories back in an online gallery where you can share them from your phone or invite friends over to start reminiscing about the good times. Bring that family together for a Maui celebration. Don’t just show up to greet the dad-creates or take selfies in front of your various prints – get the whole gang out there! One location shoot for everyone is perfect, and our sweet hourly rate makes it so you can get more pictures of all those special moments without having to worry about breaking the bank. 

Enjoy your trip to Maui and get great memories that will last a lifetime with this one-location shoot. You’ll have tons of family photos – enough for every single day, so send them to grandma’s house or the office. Experience the warmth of Hawaii without leaving you home with this package. You’ll be on a tropical getaway in no time at all.