Come to the best spot for biking in town-M – Scott! Reserve a bike and take it every day without ever worrying about charging or bringing your lock. There’s nothing like going on a cruise while still wearing sneakers so you can pack more goodies from The Original Pancake House. So get geared up in safety and adventure without even needing to buy your tubes, tire pumps, or tools because we’ve already got them waiting in the two built-in storage compartments at the rear hub and frame joints just for convenience.

The road narrows, and you suddenly find yourself peddling on a dirt path, surrounded by the smells of wildflowers. A picturesque farmhouse on your left, and before you is an old stone bridge crossing a babbling stream. It’s hard to believe this is just the hour-long bike ride from your home to work in the city – but thanks to M’s Sub Active eRIDE 30 Unisex Electric Bike, it won’t be long until all your commutes are like this one! Overnighters don’t have to suck anymore with the Sub Active eRIDE 30 Unisex! With fat tires and a robust and reliable motor, you’ll take care of your miles in no time.

Along with easily adjusted gears for your light breakfast or heavy lunch appetite, you’re never without options. But most importantly, stay comfortable long into the trip thanks to its wide saddle and high cockpit, which keeps riders standing upright on steep climbs and making it easy to get on or off. And because we know all good things come from hours at home in front of Netflix, we’ve made sure this bike is ready for more than just street-side meetings. 

When you’re looking for a good time and need to get anywhere, nothing has your back like the M – Scott EBike Sub Active eRIDE. In just 4 hours of battery life, it’s possible to cover up to 10 miles while there are chunky tires, lights, and bumpers that make this bike great for anyone on the go! Ride confidently in style with reflective tape for safety, but be sure not to have so much fun you forget where you parked. The Sub Active eRIDE is for all you thrill-seekers out there. The innovative design of the saddle and cockpit will keep you comfortable as you skirt through town like a pro. Whether it’s the lights or the rack that tempts you, make sure this beauty becomes your newest adventure.

Everything about this bike is designed for comfort, from their wide saddle and high cockpit to the drop of the downtube. With easy entry thanks to the mirrored step-through frame as well as lights and a rack that makes it perfect for city riding, this bike may make you feel like you’re on vacation—being too out of shape? No worries! This sturdy step-through frame not only allows for easy mounting/dismounting but makes it so no matter how out-of-shape we get during our weekday commutes, it also makes us feel like we’re cruising along a mountaintop trail overlooking untouched scenery with warm sunshine beaming down from above.