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Now, explore this whole new world. I know you can do it! Head to the nearest bike shop or online. You’ll be happy that you did. In an era where your phone is more important than a passport but still think about Disneyland before Tahiti when planning your next adventure, all you need for the perfect trip is a mountain bike that’s made for exploration and trust L-Scott’s Genius 940 Mountain Bike. You’ve been dreaming of a vacation, and here is your chance on this L-Scott bike! This bike will make the most of your travel time with features like Shimano gearing and a light aluminum frame. Your friends are in for an exciting ride with you as you pedal all over unknown terrains together. 

All about the ride. The L – Scott Genius 940 mountain bike is designed with a TwinLoc Suspension System, adjusting these suspension settings to match your riding preference and terrain. With Shimano 12-speed drivetrain and Syncros components, this mountain bike provides a wide range of riding options for any trail or time you fancy.

This MTB features front and rear disc brakes and can help make your experience quick, safe, and smooth in even the harshest conditions. Great for the whole family. From beginners to pros looking for their next full-suspension rig at an affordable price, our compact-sized frame is lightweight enough that it doesn’t mind staying around the back of your truck when not in use but tough enough to stand up against. For the ultimate adventure, L-Scott has a complete 940 Mountain Bikes to suit any style of riding. With Shimano 12 speed drivetrain and Syncros components, you’ll be able to take on anything that comes your way with ease. A comfortable upright position and a TwinLoc Suspension System will make every mile more enjoyable. For an adventurous mix of cross country adventure and light technical terrain, hit the trails on an L-Scott Genius 940 mountain bike. You’re welcome.

How long are you staying?- Well, for as long as the sun is up and the trail still beckons. If you’re headed out for a week, day, or a weekend adventure, we’ve got your travel companion–the L – Scott Genius 940 Mountain bike. With features like TwinLoc Suspension so that you can be on top of any terrain, Shimano’s 12-speed drivetrain to make sure there is always the right gear no matter what and getting around technical courses fast with Syncros components it could be anyone’s guess how much fun this mountain bike will provide in any given time-span.

Step right up to the Genius 940, and set off on your next vacation. With a Shimano 12-speed drivetrain and Syncros components, this bike will get you up and down the mountain without breaking the bank. Enjoy unmatched travel comfort with our TwinLoc Suspension System, which continuously optimizes your ride for whichever terrain you are exploring at the moment – whether that be Aspen snow or Sedona desert sand. The only thing between you and adventure is time, so reserve yours today!