Take a ride on our pleasurable bike. This is one of the most comfortable bikes you will ever go for a ride on. The high cockpit, full-size saddle, and drop of the downtube make it easy to get on or off of this beauty while all those lights ensure that everyone around town ll see you. Want to bring your bike with you when you travel? We can make arrangements – give us a call, and we’ll have it waiting for you at baggage claim when you arrive—the perfect electric bike for your summer vacation. Spend the day exploring and cycling without a care in the world!

It’s the perfect bike for when you want to feel like you’re biking through a dream. The only thing that might make it better is if we could help color in the trees on your way down. With our rural roads and cornfields as long as your eyes can see, there are always plenty of hills to work on getting those muscles primed after a day at the office. The L-Scott EBike Sub Active eRide is the perfect way to tour around in style and comfort. Ideal for short town trips or extended tours, this bike will keep you rolling instability thanks to its wide saddle and high cockpit.

Escape for a while- stress will never find you while on this beautiful bike. With the high cockpit, it’s easy to hop on and off the bike with ease. The comfort options are customized, so they satisfy your every need. Don’t get stuck in traffic or be burdened by hard seats when you can cycle through life at such an effortless level: Vacation mode!

The soft seat and the sleek design make your L – Scott EBike Sub Active eRIDE 30 Unisex a fantastic form of self-transport. With an electric bike, you’ll be able to arrive faster than ever at work or class without getting too tired out by cycling. This is one low-maintenance ride with the electronic throttle system and a durable aluminum frame with a front suspension fork plus solid tires! Good luck with your new adventure. Getaway for the day with our easy-to-ride bike Sub Active 30. Thanks to the broad saddle and the high cockpit, never feel uncomfortable on your bike. The drop of the downtube also makes getting on or off your bike as easy as can be, while the lights and bag make it city ready.

The L – Scott EBike Sub Active eRide is a new way to explore the world. Whether you’re hiking or biking in your backyard or on some remote trail, this bike will give you an experience one could only dream of before technology. Lightweight and sturdy, this bike will never leave riders disappointed no matter where they roam and with front suspension to smooth any bumps along the way. For anyone who has fantasized about meeting places blindly, now it’s possible and without fear!