The SCOTT Aspect 940 Mountain Bike is the perfect bike for camping, and you will look sensational riding this rugged beast into nature. Its light frame means it is easy to lug up steep hills, while its efficient parts allow you to pedal faster on flats and downhill treks. With a lockout mechanism for the fork and disk brakes, your bike travels with the speed in mind. Take on trails with ease and confidence. The SCOTT Aspect 940 Mountain Bike is the perfect bike for getting outside and exploring that new hiking trail or even commuting to work. With its lightweight steel frame and Syncros components, you’ll be ready to take on the City by Day, Nature by Night.

Leave the office behind and free your mind to explore uncharted terrain. Bike through and over scenic landscapes while soaking up the sun, or venture into well-lit adventure parks for an exciting night out on the trail. Our L – Scott bikes are designed to be light, efficient, and reasonably priced so that you can try something different without breaking the bank. No matter which bike you choose from our wide selection of non-discounted models, we guarantee they will provide a worthwhile experience, whether it is on pavement or off-road.

No need to go through the work of a hassle-free vacation with your L Scott. Built for all-mountain riding, this bike will have you zooming across the trails in no time! With disc brakes and an E5 Aluminum frame, you’ll be taking on greener pastures easier than ever before. So get your gear together and enjoy being outdoors – only L Scott has what it takes to keep up with you. The SCOTT Aspect 940 offers a low-slung look and features solid disc braking performance with its Hardtail frame. The Syncros components promise durability even on rugged trails. It’s the perfect bike for all your mountain terrain scrapes. Let’s spend a day mountain biking! The SCOTT Aspect 940 is the ideal bike for your next adventure. With a lockout fork, disc brakes, and Syncros components, it keeps things light, efficient, and inexpensive while still giving you features that keep you safe and sound. Plus, it has mounts for extra cargo if we decide to make this an overnight trip.

Mountain bikes are only fun when they’re more about dirt than pavement, so that means you need one with knobby tires to give yourself plenty of grips even on rugged terrain. And NO time like the present to be getting in touch with nature because summer’s winding down soon, which could mean fall is just around the corner. You’re headed on a bike safari, and you’re going right into the heart of the jungle. It would help if you had something tough enough for the rugged terrain yet light enough to carry around when you get there. This is one rugged mountain bike that will take anything you can throw at it with relish – just like an explorer should!