It’s a vacation. A break from your busy schedule and the stresses of everyday life. You deserve it, and we’re here to help make sure that you get all the time and energy in Des Moines, Iowa, worth it.

You might think there is more than one way to do this, but we’ve found seven ways for different needs you might have every day! Whether you want something fun or relaxing on Saturday or Sunday morning, something adventurous (think hot air balloon rides) for weekday afternoons with the family, or a severe partner in crime (read: climbing rock walls) who doesn’t mind spending some quality alone time with themselves, we can organize any experience imaginable for our Des Moines guests.

Sitting on your bike is a brilliant idea. 

The L-Scott Addict RC20 Carbon Road Bike is fast and light from the west coast to the east, with all of our favorite high-performance gear packed in. We legitimately recommend you give yourself the experience of a lifetime on this thing before it becomes unavailable again. At some point, we will be unable to offer these bikes due to their popularity (no one seems interested in selling them back). The carbon frame mimics aerodynamics for speed and maneuverability while also featuring an eccentric bottom bracket connection that allows for quick installation – meaning you can get out there more often than ever!

Adventure awaits on the L-Scott Addict Carbon Road Bike. This bike is light, fast, and ready to turn heads as you pedal through your day! Reserve one for yourself with us by calling today, and we can even work out a date that works with both of our schedules! Plan your next biking vacation with L-Scott now.

You’ve never ridden a bike like this before. It’s light, fast, and ready to turn heads. If you would like to reserve a bike for longer than seven days, please give us a call to make arrangements.

You’re always wondering how the pros do it — reaching incredible speeds with ease? They know better about one thing; they have what it takes because their bikes are pro spec. The all-new Addict RC 20 provides you with all of the competitive advantages you’ve ever dreamed of. Fully integrated cables and race-ready specs combine to give you the tool to sprint to mountain top finish or win your local criteriums faster than anyone else if you want without breaking any sweat.

You’ve been sitting on the beach all day. Now it’s time to head back home. You turn around just in time to see that your bike has vanished into thin air! Thankfully, just as you are going out of your mind with worry, a gentleman rides up and offers you his spare bicycle to ride home in its place. This is what happens when you buy an L – Scott Addict Carbon Road Bike from our store, leaving behind only memories. You didn’t realize the kind of freedom and happiness that comes from riding without a heavy bike until you were on vacation. Unlock those moments with L Scott Bikes!