After the historical trade route of the Polynesians, kayaking through Maui’s stunning coastline points out the natural beauty and inhabits birds along this route. This tour is designed for those looking to enjoy a safe leisurely paddle with their Guide while observing kitesurfing or get up close with turtles. The excursion also welcomes explorer types who can keep an eye open for whales, dolphins, and other ocean life that come near this beautiful watery highway as you witness Mother Nature’s one-of-a-kind show unfold before your eyes! Don’t be afraid to take it all in because, after all, life is about slowing down and enjoying what we can from today!

You want a vacation that’s laid back, mellow and relaxed. We have just the thing for you! Cruise along Maui’s beautiful coast with a guide who knows safe snorkeling spots, as well as where to find turtles, dolphins, orcas, and humpback whales (in season). You get to relax in your kayak while our knowledgeable Wildlife Guide does all the paddling. All of this without having to break into a sweat or get wet because you’re being taken care of by experts. Let us provide you with the 5-star experience that you deserve.

Kayaking in the water is a lot of fun, but if someone wants to do it their way with more mellow waves and to enjoy the scenery without having to worry about trying to cruise through choppy waters or maneuvering tight spaces. That’s where we come in. Tour guides will take you out on kayaks on easy-flowing currents. The sun reflecting off the ocean is sure to add extra sparkle into your spirits, like taking a boat tour by land.

Two quotes are floating around on the internet about vacations. One says, “Work like you don’t need money, play as you’ve never been hurt,” but the second reads, “Always take good times with you and leave your worry behind.” Whatever quote suits your personality, it’s safe to say that time spent on vacation should be an all-around great experience – because we want everyone to return from their travels feeling better than they left it. The Kayak ‘Turtle Town’ tours can help make that happen by taking just a few minutes of work out of kayaking and giving 90% relaxation through gentle paddling and nature exploration.

Take it easy and travel back in time to when adventures were simple, serene, and leisurely. Kayaking is the perfect way to explore Maui’s beautiful coastlines with snorkeling gear and fishing poles provided at selected stops. Sit back in a kayak as your Guide paddles you around the shoreline of one of the most pristine pieces of land on earth.

A Savvy Solitude Saving Tip! Guests can look forward to being greeted by local turtles and an array of tropical fish with this fun half-day adventure tiding you over until dinner time – a great addition for guests interested in experiencing island life but not partaking in any strenuous activity too early on.

The Kayak “Mellow” Cruise is the best way to enjoy a leisurely and fun paddle on Maui while having tons of laughs with your Guide! Guaranteed safe and 5-star experience, you’ll be able to take in the sights of turtles from Turtle Town’s shoreline.