Kayaking is a favorite way to play on the beach while exploring an underwater world

Lounging on the sand, take your kayak and be prepared for a paddling adventure – and fishing opportunity! Depart with our fleet of kayaks from Makena Landing for pristine scenic vistas. Stand eye-to-eye with sea turtles if you’re lucky enough. Explore long stretches of snorkel lagoon as you paddle around Lanai Kai condominiums and natural attractions salt ponds. With only ten kayak spots available per day in this limited access environment ( we love our Keiki!), reservations are required.

Please call ahead at least one business day before arriving.

There is nothing better than taking a break from all your worries with a bit of kayaking around the beautiful island of Maui.

And what’s best about it is that we offer affordable and convenient rentals right here at Makena Landing. You can have fun in the sun without worry because of our easy drop-off and pick-up service. You could leave with many incredible memories before you know it!

When you’re looking for the infinite serenity of paddling alongside miles of beautiful beachfront, take a perfect day and loop it around with an incredible sunset. Or maybe you want to try your hand at a challenging fishing expedition or deep-sea diving while kayaking in search of big waves. If so, this is your kind of place.

Rent a kayak from Makena Landing and see what Maui has to offer!

The ocean is calling your name, and you need a way to get there.

Our rentals are the answer!

  • Ocean Kayak Malibu 2 Regular Double Kayak 
  • Ocean Kayak Scramblers Regular Single Kayak

For your morning excursion on the waves, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, try our experience package that includes one guided water activity (like paddling lessons) with transportation of kayaks included.

Lucky you! As you live your hectic life as a millennial, work has been relentless and festive at the same time. It’s finally Friday night, and you’re heading to the beach for some sandy relaxation. What would make this scenario better? Renting an ocean kayak to explore all these magical islands Makena Landing offers just for it! For only $70, you can take your friend or significant other on a romantic excursion that’s guaranteed to stimulate all five senses—including a 90% real saltwater taste à la island snorkeling expedition. How adept are they in their water abilities? Our coastline is excellent for beginners with easy shoreline access, which means no paddling necessary (sorry, fisherman). 

If you’re headed to Maui or the Big Island, we’ve got just what you need for a dream vacation! Check out our kayak rental options where everyone will be paddling their day away in style. No matter if it’s a leisurely paddle with friends or family to catch up while casting nets for fish and crabs; fishing for tuna, snapper, grouper and more without leaving dry land; take a guided tour of your favorite beach along secret trails that only local know about; paddle gently down rivers fed by freshwater springs surrounded by native o’hia trees and waterfalls worn smooth from decades of drenching rains our staff can make it happen.

Let the adventure begin, and contact us today!