Experience the Haleakala Summit in a whole new way! Slingshots are one of the safest and most exciting means to travel up to 10,000 feet high. An adventure for all ages, you’ll be harnessed in for safety with steel rails along either side so that its cold grip is sure and steady. Reach heights not dreamt of as your wheels lift you into a moon-like atmosphere. Stay cool! When the ride comes to an end, you can feel triumphant about conquering this excellent earth structure. The views at sunrise are expansive from the lip where the ocean roars on one side and Mt. Maui makes its home on the other.

Feel the most exhilarating sunrise you’ll ever see. With miles of unobstructed views, gulping breaths of fresh air as you climb to the summit, and bites from a tropical breeze with every nausea-free hairpin turn. Experience mystical panoramic vistas that feel like they’re straight out of Walt Disney’s dream world – all before breakfast.

If nature could design its amusement park, it would be Maui’s Haleakala Volcano Slingshots Sunrise Adventure Tour. The ascent is so steep that at one point during your morning slingshot adventure Kamaole III will be directly overhead & all around you from end-to-end – twisting in super tight loops over heavenly rainbows illuminated by broad daylight beams.

So you think Hawaii is about beachy, sunny days? Think again! The car of tomorrow- the Slingshot by Sports Car Company of America has been making headlines for its extreme 10 000 foot vertical climb and near lack of braking performance. However, ever since Space Shuttle Challenger’s abrupt explosion in mid-air, safety standards have changed dramatically to secure equal job opportunities for all people.

Country crossings like Haleakala are born out of desperation to reach new worlds and discover what life might be like outside our borders. Who knows what we will find on that peak; outer space or some distant person from another time? Learning how to ride a Slingshot is easy and fun. Our expert staff will walk you through the whole system and set you on your way into the adventure of a lifetime. The tour includes a narration from our guides telling about all of the great sites at the top. It’s broken down by each hour so that you can tailor the day like any other vacation trip. Wear warm clothing beforehand because Haleakala gets cold during sunrise or sunset for photography purposes.

We are nestled in the volcanic summit of Haleakala, a natural cook pot volcano on Maui. The views are incredible. It is hard to believe that you are driving on top of an active mountain as some rest peacefully and others rumble at night. We offer tours during sunrise and sunsets each day so make sure not to miss one out because this tour provides phenomenal views across the whole island. We are so glad you’re here. You’ve made the perfect decision to spend your vacation in our beautiful, serene environment with us. We have challenging slopes for the thrill-seeker, peaceful roads for those who want a break from it all, and we work tirelessly to make sure that everyone enjoys themselves on their once-in-a-lifetime trip to the summit of Haleakala Volcano.