As you feel the rejuvenating trade winds against your face and hear only a wondrous symphony of birds as they sing their praises to a fantastic day, know that this day will be historic. You’ve never been anywhere like this before, and it won’t soon leave your memories —because you’ll have plenty of pictures to remember it. This 12 – 24 mile bike ride takes you on an easy downhill journey straight through lush rainforest banks manicured by ancient Hawaiian communities, bypassing swollen streams with calm mineral waters. Enjoy sweeping vistas over the slopes of Haleakala at every turn in the road.

One of the best things about living in Hawaii is exploring the natural beauty of this beautiful Island. Haleakala Downhill Self-Guided Bike Tour Paia, HI, lets you enjoy one of mother nature’s playgrounds with a perspective from down below as you glide your way to the coast on Maui! Shop for our gear at Maui Sunriders and then hop aboard a van, get briefed on safety, and prepare yourself for 24 miles of pure scenic bliss – all downhill. Imagine biking down the winding mountain roads of Haleakala, Paia, with an expert-guided tour van at your back while the wind whistles in your ears. Your friends have stamina and have gone ahead. This is a moment for you to stop and capture Maui in photos.

We met at Maui Sunriders bike shop in Paia on the north shore by 9 am. After we outfit you with your gear and provide our safety briefing, you will enjoy a narrated van tour as you’re driven up Haleakala on the same route that you’ll take for downhill pedaling! You’ll make many stops along this scenic 12-mile ride to snap pictures of breathtaking views of waterfalls & green valleys before driving across Hana Highway.

Haleakala is Maui’s biggest natural wonder, and most visitors who see it for the first time agree: Haleakala Downhill Self-Guided Bike Tour is the best way to experience it. You’ll meet your guide at our store, gear up with a bike that can go through anything, and hit the hill. This self-guided tour has two parts: a long 24 miles facing downhill with only 540 feet elevation over 40kms of the winding trail, then rewind along the coast towards Paia on paved roads. All guides are locals who will show you their favorite places all around this unique Island. Bike breaks happen every 5 miles or so – plenty of time to catch your breath before heading off again.

Need a break from vacation? Use your bike to explore the beautiful landscape, stopping where and when you please. Just coast downhill while experiencing Maui upcountry towns and dazzling views of one of America’s top natural wonders. Shake off the shackles of your everyday life and escape to Maui. Experience why visitors & locals love Haleakala Downhill Self-Guided Bike Tour from Leader Segway Tours Paia, HI! We will deliver you the freedom to choose how far you want to go each day on this tour with a peddler. Immerse yourself in the beauty and serenity of Upcountry Maui as we take you up and down Mount Haleakala without feeling like cattle following flagging staffs around for hours. Ride at your own pace, stop when and where you want, go as fast or as slow as you need.

They are looking for a bike tour that’s perfect for someone looking to find their way and make the most of their vacation? Maui Sunriders will take you on a guided bike tour through Hawaii’s lush green mountains, from mountainous Haleakala National Park to Paia Bay. Along your journey, they’ll provide photo opportunities with some of the Island’s top attractions along the way. Now decked out with brand-new equipment, including front suspension single-speed mountain bikes and Scott lightweight helmets for experienced riders, this family-owned outfit has years of experience planning tours so you can enjoy every moment and get back home in one piece. Pack your rain gear, sunblock, and be prepared to discover new destinations!