Dive into our Haleakala Downhill! Seven hours without stopping will get you to the top for sunrise. You’ve probably seen it, now ride it down with all of your friends! With disc brakes and a Shimano 105 groupset, you are sure not to overheat or overdo yourself on this bike. It also has Syncros components making hills feel more like an opportunity rather than a burden. So don’t forget to add the Haleakala Downhill Upgrade Aluminum Road Bike to your cart (and climb up!). How can we help you reach new heights? Delightfully inviting tandem bike tours allow you to take in all the natural beauty of Haleakala with an additional person for the company. The scenic mountain roads and country lanes are sure to get your heart pumping on this exhilarating ride – our knowledgeable guides are here to show you a good time. Available from Monday through Saturday.

You’ll be in the middle of your vacation before you know it! If an upgrade is what you’re looking for, then our product has got everything. The SCOTT Speedster will make your ride quicker with a Shimano 105 groupset and Syncros components while giving you all-important disc brakes. You’ll want to start pedaling towards some speedy fun now. It isn’t easy to find a bike that will work for tourists in the Haleakala downhill race. But, thanks to your friends at Scott, you’ll be able to make it back down the mountain without feeling like you’re dragging a refrigerator! Prepared for hours of riding with features like Syncros components and Shimano 105 groupset, our upgraded aluminum road bikes are light enough for all-day cycling adventures and durable enough to last season after season. From the first pedal stroke on our tech-savvy Speedster 10 Disc model, we know it won’t be long before you realize what everyone’s been talking about (the scenery!). 

The Haleakala Downhill is a great way to change up your routine! Enjoy the same winding, steep downhill with fresh eyes while feeling livelier than ever on a scooter.

The Scott Road Bike is lightweight and agile. It offers excellent control thanks to Shimano components and disc brakes, resulting in higher velocities that will leave you refreshed, no matter how many miles you put in on the highway or trails.

Now available for just 7 hours of downtime on our service: travel from coast to coast, enjoy incredible views in Minnesota’s rolling prairies, take the journey through Florida during sunset; whatever floats your boat.

Ride your way to everlasting happiness on this trip up Mt. Haleakala with our trusty bike as your driver! Enjoy a serene drive over the southern shores of Maui on our upgraded Scott Aluminum Road Bike. Seamlessly glide back down without a care in the world, enjoying abundant amounts of control with Shimano 105 gears and Syncros components. Go ahead and hit that full horizon throttle. We’ve got everything you need, so you’ll never want to stop going up and down again – it’s time for happiness!