With hundreds of miles of coastline, Maui is a surfer’s paradise. But it can be hard to find the time for surfing during busy work days and hectic family schedules. Group SUP Lesson Lahaina, Maui aims to make the ocean accessible for all with one-hour paddles at a time – no long drive or expensive equipment required.

 Group SUP Lesson Lahaina, Maui is a company that promotes a new way to surf. They offer stand-up paddleboard lessons to learn how to balance and do tricks in the water. Classes are 1.5hrs long and include everything you need to have the best experience possible: rash guard, reef booties, and SUP equipment. This is a great way to surf- standing up on a surfboard with your paddle.

We’re taking stand-up paddling lessons all over Maui- from Lahaina to Napili Bay. We offer private lessons and group lessons for individuals or groups of friends looking for a new adventure together. The goal of our company is to make this activity available and accessible so that more people can enjoy it. Stand Up Paddling has been proven through research studies worldwide to be one of the most effective ways to improve cardiovascular fitness and reduce stress. Group SUP Lesson Lahaina is the best way to learn how to Stand Up Paddleboard in Maui! We offer lessons for all levels and have an instructor with you on the water at all times. 

 Group SUP Lesson Lahaina is the go-to destination for all things stand-up paddleboarding. We offer one and a half hour lessons in an outdoor, beachfront atmosphere with professional instructors who specialize in teaching all levels of paddlers – from beginner to advanced. Our study includes fifteen minutes on land discussing safety tips and getting you comfortable with your equipment before spending the rest of the time surfing waves.

 Join Group SUP Lesson Lahaina, Maui, for a perfect way to spend your day! Located in beautiful Lahaina, we offer Stand Up Paddle lessons 1 hour and 45 minutes long. Our instructors specialize in stand-up paddle lessons for all levels, from beginning to advanced. The study includes an approximate 15-minute land lesson on the basics of Stand Up Paddling, emphasizing water safety. 

 Please bring your paddleboard or rent one from us. Group SUP Lesson is Maui’s premier stand-up paddle lesson company, offering lessons in Lahaina for all experience levels. Enjoy a 1 1/2 hour Stand Up Paddle lesson with an experienced instructor for just $50! We provide you with everything you need to get started, including rash guard, reef booties, and the equipment itself. Our instructors specialize in teaching beginners and advanced surfers how to catch waves and have fun on the water. Group SUP Lesson Lahaina, Maui, offers stand-up paddle lessons for all levels. Our instructors specialize in teaching you how to catch your waves and letting you live on island time!