Get up close and wild with some of the ocean’s most breathtaking creatures this snorkeling adventure down south. Hang out with our favorite Hawaiian spinners, spotted, and bottlenose dolphins in the blue waters off Lanai under a calm sky to make for memories that will never leave you.

It’s such a fantastic experience seeing these world-class mammals not only closer than ever before but in their natural environment too! Dolphins are known to be amiable animals. If you happen to get separated from your group on top of everything else, it’s no worry at all-they’re more than happy to guide back or even take care of any potential troublemakers as they should know each other better. 

Whether you are looking for an early morning dolphin sighting, a more exotic shoreline sight, or even a giant Hawaiian manta ray up close, then this trip has it all. Seeing the island from the water will either open up your love of dolphins forever as we have our lucky guests swim with pods and hang out in shallow bays with them, or if you’re not interested in dolphins, maybe some kayaking and snorkeling near lava flow are what makes your day complete.

Your captain will transport you to Lacustrine Gardens, where tidal pools gather around freshwater springs seeping through lava rock formations to create these beautiful water gardens that teem with colorful sea life. Your day starts at the gangplank awaiting the arrival of your captain and crew. As a powerboat leaves the pier, you are set on your course to explore for dolphins, turtles, rare orchids, incredible sea creatures, and much more. You will spend about 2 hours aboard our fast vessel snorkeling in several spots around Lanai. The trip generally returns to shore by noon and can remain docked until 3:00 pm – be sure to get back with enough time before your final departure! You will not be disappointed. If you’re up for a thrilling ride, adventurous trip, or just something different from the norm, then this adventure is right up your alley.

Fun for the whole family! See reef-rich Hawaiian waters on this deluxe ocean raft adventure.

A wide variety of colors and life await you as you explore undersea gardens in Maui’s warm tropical waters. Fascinating sea turtles lurk just beneath the surface while abundant marine life swims overhead. Beginning with a continental breakfast and hearty lunch, this incredible day trip includes all your gear, water safety instruction, and more than an hour to snorkel or soak up rays on Lanaī Beach before concluding your excursion at our ocean raft beachside lounge for cocktails and live music with spectacular views of the sunset. Spending the day out on the sea levels your stress and calms your nerves. You will have no shortage of fun with this adventure in tow.

Affordable, accessible, and unforgettable dolphin adventure: Spend your morning with these majestic creatures in their natural habitat! Ride a boat through the crystal clear, beautiful waters of Maui. Swim and interact with dolphins in an exclusive area that is frequented exclusively by us. Lunch includes salads, sandwiches wraps, potato salad or pasta salads, etc., as well as condiments to make your plate. Then spend the afternoon snorkeling on one of the best reefs anywhere in Hawaii – Lanaī Lahaina (Lanai City) off the coast from Waimea. You will not be disappointed. If you’re up for a thrilling ride, adventurous trip, or just something different from the norm, then this adventure is right up your alley.