The Bamboo Falls hike is an exhilarating walking tour of two waterfalls in a mystical bamboo forest. Following a stroll through waist-height bamboo and century-old avocado trees, explorers arrive at the first set of falls and take in the spectacular oasis of palm trees. Babbling waters provide the soothing soundtrack as they trickle down lush green stones to create this tropical paradise, ranked #1 out of 9 other destinations across Taiwan’s most popular hiking trails.

The best way to spend a day when you’re within a short driving distance of this spot is with Yoga and Hiking. A calming morning walk through bamboo forests, surrounded by the gentle sounds of babbling brooks and crystal-clear waterfalls. Bamboo Falls hike promises breathtaking scenes like no other.

Breathe in deeply through your nose as we hike up our first rock formation – an arduous task that’ll have us feeling all those squats, lunges, crunches, and burpees finally paying off! Follow your guide through more bamboo for relief from the sun at certain ledges that offer shade if needed before reaching their most notable waterfall (you’ve made it!) for swimming fun or rope swinging adventure.

We are now on our way to the best waterfall you can imagine. It’s a small hike but one of the most fun. We start with waterfalls and bamboo all around us. Then we come out of the trees for a fantastic view of this vast green-covered landscape framing a towering mountain in the background – it is simply breathtaking. And THEN we go UNDER (some assistance may be needed!) or NEAR the falls, what could be better than that? Let us take you on a Bamboo Falls hike, the perfect day trip for adventure seekers. You’ll be glad you came.

Join us for a relaxing and refreshing hike to Bamboo Falls, the perfect escape from the city. Beginning at the visitor center, this adventure takes you through short trails and ones that are much more challenging, along the way crossing active rivers and waterfalls. You’ll reach Bamboo falls — home to beautiful views of flowing water and lush greenery up close. This is your chance to jump off some rocks before returning safely on a more accessible trail back at the visitor center in time for a lunch break or early dinner if you’re heading home earlier than expected.

Welcome to our exciting and adventurous hike. Everyone is welcome on this wildlife-filled journey, whether you’re active, engaging, fit, or experienced. The Bamboo Falls Hike includes a road less traveled which can be more difficult for people who don’t have experience with hiking or are not as fit. Bring friends! This light adventure walk will give some insight into the incredible waterfalls where indigenous animals live when it’s a dry season. You’ll even find yourself traversing over natural bridges at one point that connects two mountain sides during low tide. So grab your friends and partake in this refreshing excursion today. We’ve brought the adventure to you with our wild Bamboo Falls Hike! 

Climb through thrilling terrain, appreciate lush natural surroundings, and relax in a beautifully dense bamboo forest. Crawl over rocks, splash through an easy-access waterfall, or brave it all for those daring few seeking actual challenges. A great day trip on any gloomy Saturday or Sunday can be made grander with this beautiful hike, giving you the chance to get closer to nature than ever before!