Take your vacation to the next level with a certification in Emergency First Response. Develop critical first aid skills and be confident that you have what it takes in an emergency. Before taking this course, all prerequisites need to be met, so don’t hesitate—rates $199 per student. Banyan Tree Divers offer Emergency First Response Training that offers primary care CPR and secondary care First Aid training to help you be confident in your skills and abilities during a medical emergency. Our Emergency First Response Training is a prerequisite course for our rescue divers, with the objective of teaching as many people as possible how to respond, act, assess and solve problems.

Emergency first response certification, emergency care, and rescue training from Banyan Tree Divers is the best way to prepare yourself in case of a medical emergency. Gain confidence while becoming proficient in administering CPR or providing First Aid care to someone you find who’s been hurt. It will be a fantastic experience and one that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. Give it serious consideration. 

Grab your sunblock, and don’t forget your EFR Maui course! You can learn emergency water-related skills in the safety of a private pool so you can worry less about what’s outside the borders of the resort. This certification meets prerequisites for PADI Rescue Diver courses and all professional-level scuba ratings. Become confident, capable, and save lives before they happen at home or on vacation with an Emergency First Response course from Ritz Carlton Resorts. Even the brightest and sunniest day can take a turn for the worst. That’s why emergency training for Maui divers is more than just an accident waiting to happen—it’s worth protecting yourself against! The Emergency First Response (EFR) course teaches you how to identify an emergency, perform CPR, use oxygen in rescue situations, deal with bleeding, and handle an unconscious diver or victim of a diving injury. Now that we’ve got you covered with all your safety measures on land, there’ll be pretty much no such thing as bad weather at sea either.

Grab your sunscreen, ice-cold drinks, and everything else for that tropical getaway. If you’re considering visiting the beautiful islands of Hawaii- don’t forget to stop by Emergency First Response Maui. This course teaches you all about having a vacation emergency kit with essential items such as a Swiss Army Knife SAK, car cell phone charger with international adapters so the locals can call you in case of an emergency while on your trip overseas….plus they offer discounts for customers who buy more than one course!  and did we mention their systems are perfect for anyone looking to have fun?

Who knew first aid could be so much fun? You’ll learn about how to help someone who’s fallen, set up a sprained arm with an ACE bandage, and make an ice pack. You’ll also get the chance to practice CPR on a partner! In this class, we’ll equip you with life-saving skills for your next vacation or stormy day. Let Adventure & Disaster Prevention Inc educate you so that you can live safely in our unpredictable world!

Are you feeling confident in your skills? Book this class today. It’s a prerequisite for our rescue diver program, and you can earn credits towards the NAUI certification.