“Dakine Truck Tailgate Pads are made with high-density polyurethane foam for efficient and perfect tailgate protection. Our pads range in size from 11″ x 8″ to 16″ x 20″ (remember to measure your truck’s cargo area before ordering), and they’re easy to install.” Read Dakine Truck Tailgate Pad’s Paia, HI from top to bottom. It might just be your next big getaway.

Dakine Truck Tailgate Pad Paia, HI. You ventured backpacking around West Maui last night because you heard whales from your tent site just outside of Lahaina and then had a serene sunrise this morning in the Hyatt lobby garden before hunkering down for an uber sketchy Zipline ride through the rainforest to catch that surf session with Air Mike’s all-star crew? Dakine truck tailgate pad handles life on the road better than your Northface backpack does, thanks to strategically angled foam padding for a more ergonomic seat position. Now stop sitting on that icky car upholstery and have some fun.

Ready to start your next Alaskan Adventure? All you need is the right gear, and Dakine tailgate pads are just what you’ve been searching for! Keep your goods safe from bumps and dirt while transporting them in your pickup truck with this pad. These waterproof covers provide plenty of protection for all sorts of cargo. With several different shapes available, we can guarantee a perfect fit for any bed liner or sport utility vehicle (SUV), so don’t wait – order yours now before they run out! The sooner these protective blankets arrive at our warehouse and get into the hands of those looking to make their adventure dreams come true, the better.

Get back on the road with a brand new Truck Tailgate Pad!

Hitch your trailer, load up your gear, and hit the open trails. We can’t wait to hear about all of those memories you made during this adventure in paradise. Never Say No To A Good Time! Get equipped and ready for another adventure. The Dakine truck tailgate pad is perfect for quick sleepovers at the beach, an outdoor concert in the park, or just drinks on your back porch. Quickly install it with straps that buckle around your pickup bed rails to stay secure even on bumpy roads. Unlike a tent you have to set up each night, this truck bed cover is easy to use and can be there when you need it most. Get yours today! With our no-risk seven-day return policy, we have nothing to lose (but mosquito bites). So what are you waiting for? Reserve yours today before someone else takes all your sitting room at the campsite or rally.

Who doesn’t want to go on vacation? You need a lot of prep work and planning before you get to the places that make your heart grin. Dress up with comfy clothes, pack snacks for long car rides, make lists of things that need to be done at home if a family is coming over while gone. This Dakine Truck Tailgate Pad Paia, HI, makes sure you’re ready wherever you’re going! With this pad protecting tailgates from scratches or rusting from seawater and saltwater exposure in moist climates like Hawaii’s – suddenly, there isn’t anything stopping you from making memories again and again. The Dakine Truck Tailgate Pad is the perfect pad to prevent your feet from sliding while wearing flip-flops when loading gear into the back of your truck. Whether it’s a winery tour or hiking trail, this pad has your back! 

If you’re looking for more storage in the bed of your truck, try one of our Dakine Hitch Mount Racks that fit perfectly on those /new ratchet straps! We can ship these out for free when ordered with other qualifying products. You deserve amps now puawai kiʻi.