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Creative and engaging without being too cheesy. Enjoy an early morning snorkel trip to seek out turtles and other reef fish. The ultimate beginner’s course for Hawaii residents who want to get their feet wet, this 2-hour tour is baby-friendly and leaves at 7:30 am in morning from Maalaea Harbor. You’llYou’ll never forget your Alihilani Whale Watch. Spend the morning snorkeling among fantastical sea creatures in Maui’sMaui’s picturesque waters, exploring a seemingly endless crescent of new seascape and changing water temperatures while wandering beneath a kaleidoscope of tropical fish and frolicking manta rays.

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You’veYou’ve come to the right place if you love seeing whales!

The humpback whales migrate south from Alaska every year, and one of our most famous landmarks is Maalaea Bay, where you can spot these beautiful creatures. It might seem like any other green sandy beach—except for the waves that don’t go away because Keawakapu Beach encloses it on three sides–but what makes this bay so unique are the majestic humpbacks that populate its relatively shallow waters. Each year, tons of incredible events happen here: we see spectacular humpbacks breaching out of the water or performing their heart-wrenching mating rituals while their bouncing calves swim in front at a safe distance.

Maui is the place to see a humpback whale!

These majestic creatures migrate south from Alaska each year, and although you can spot them throughout Hawaii, the ”au au channel off the coast of Maui boasts the most significant number. Our warm, relatively shallow, and protected waters make an ideal location for these whales to mate and give birth to their calves. These whales are known for their acrobatics–you’ll often find them near shore where they lift out of the water or breaching dorsal fins that span 15 feet in length or more. Did you know that humpback whales are the most enormous and most intelligent creatures in the world’s ocean waters? They may be an animal to fear, but thankfully these gentle giants are found off Maui, where their mating and birthing rituals can be witnessed. Spend a morning with us on one of our expert whale watching tours, meet these wondrous animals up close for yourself! We promise it’ll leave your heart filled with awe.

Every year from November through April, we take whale watchers out on the open sea by sailboat for some unforgettable close encounters with mighty giants. The average group size ranges between 12-14 people max (makes it easy to see all the whales). Not only does sailing allow you to enjoy a peaceful morning coffee without being restricted to land, but your Captain and Crew will often find an adventure that takes you farther away from shore than a conventional powerboat tour. 

The Alihilani is your whale watching boat. We go on the Alihilani because we know you want to see as many whales as possible, which means we will be sailing through the clear blue water. Enjoy breakfast with fresh coffee before heading out.

The Alihilani is your whale watching boat & worth getting up early for! Join a morning expedition from Lahaina Harbor, where our Captain will take you out into a bright new day of exploration and meet some amazing sea creatures on top of seeing majestic whales in the ocean.