Enjoy the sunset in the company of unforgettable Maui sunsets.

Passegrains features a fleet of tall sailing catamarans, L-shaped lounge seating, and an unparalleled 360° view around Maui’s world-famous Lahaina Harbor from its topside aft deck. 300ft long and with a 41′ mast towering above you, Paragon guides you through your voyage to my seas so that you can take it all in – views behind us on this windward side are unmatched by any other boat in town. There’s plenty of room for up to 160 guests onboard these sailboats, accompanied by our excellent local crew hosting educational talks before or after sail time like Ho’okipa Beach Park is Super Awesome.

Sail Maui is still offering the same excellent sunset sail on Paragon, but we have introduced Alihilani for an elevated customer experience.

Come out and enjoy 2.5 hours of amazing views from the water while you learn about the history, culture, and founding stories of Hawai’i as well as why Mau island is so unique to us all.” Sail Maui is pleased to offer you an elevated experience aboard the ‘Alihilani Sunset Sail. Enjoy all that the Alihilani sunset has to offer, and find out for yourself where heaven meets the sea.

Get ready for a casual, sun-filled adventure onboard the Alihilani Sunset Sail!

Let your worries melt away on our 65′ Catamaran while taking you on a 45-minute voyage through beautiful Lahaina Harbor.

Tour includes cruising the bay as well as some swimming and opportunities to interact with friendly Hawaiian locals. In the hotel package, guests enjoy deluxe accommodations at Pioneer Inn located nearby and complimentary breakfast in their dining room each morning before their tour. Complimentary shuttle service is available from the airport or resort (gift shop pictured), and the restaurant picks up every day during sail times.

We were savoring the sights and sounds of an iconic island, our new 65′ luxurious catamaran sails you into a world filled with sandy beaches, golden sunsets, and stunning views. Refreshments are included in your ticket!

From private sailing cruises to sunset sails for two or more couples and everything in between, Alihilani Sunset Sail is ready to help you find the perfect way to enjoy Maui’s best sites. Book online now so we can reserve your favorite spot on board!

You deserve an Alihilani Sunset Sail in Lahaina tonight. Let us take you to the living, breathing center of all that is beautiful and culturally rich in the Hawaiian Islands with our sunset sail team and enjoy a wholesome experience with friends near Hawaii’s most visited harbor.

Fantastic cocktails, snacks from the Pioneer Inn restaurant, cards against humanity for when your laughter needs to be vocalized — every touch exquisitely designed to create a mood of relaxation and appreciation for the natural beauty around you. Time to get out of town and into a breezy sunset sail with your sweetheart! Drink in the golden hour from aboard our 60ft Kamaiki catamaran. Our signature Alihilani Sunset Sail is perfect for anyone seeking romance or an exciting experience. Sit back, sip on locally brewed beer, champagne, and mai tais while anchoring near one of the famous beaches at Maui’s Northwest coast (visiting Lahaina Harbor as well.)

Enjoy appetizers like seared Ahi tuna tartar, shrimp rolls with Asian slaw, iced cold pour fruit juices, and more. You can even opt to add grilled chicken breast skewers for just $10 per person, so you’ll have enough dining room after snacking.