The birds are flying, the sunshine shining on your face! It’s time to take a break and let go of all the stress that has been following you for weeks. You deserve some R&R because you work hard every day. Escape with us on this Adventure Hana Tour. We’ll take care of everything from hotel pick-up to personalized tour itinerary. Let your mind wander as we escort you through farms, waterfalls, and beautiful beaches, averaging only 10-12 tourists at a time, so there is more space for you and your ‘ohana. Do you want something different? We’re here to make it happen – ask.

Adventurous, laid back, and adventurous-lite all in one day. We plan the tour for you to fit your needs! Whether having a fun time with everyone in the car or hiking hand-in-hand with just your love, we make what you want to happen. And it’s usually really cheap, so explore this beautiful island and be someone else for a while!

When your Hawaii adventure includes a private tour, we guarantee you’ll go places most people don’t! Meet the adventurous locals and experience life in rural Hawai’i. Our times are personal, fun, and memorable for both travelers and locals alike.

Explore this hidden island getaway in a Personal Adventure with our private tours! Don’t go on a dull, generic safari tour where every other tourist is behind you. We’ll take you to places off the beaten path so you can make your memories. You’re coming to the Garden Isle for fun, and we want you to have all of it, of course, including plenty of time out on Hana’s beaches or exploring the depths of our caves. Take a chance on experiencing something new today; check out these awesome adventure activities, customize your day, and grab your limited-edition Hawaiian shirt (one size fits all). Is your bucket list missing an adventure? Let us make some memories to last a lifetime! We offer waterfalls, caves, and jungles in a completely private way. Explore the island with someone you care about, or take your family on this unique journey through Hana! Our tours are customizable, so be sure to create a perfect day of touring for you and yours.

Imagine hiking through the jungle, admiring waterfalls, and discovering caves that only a few people are lucky enough to see. This is just one of our tours you will not want to miss on your next vacation! With personalized tours for couples looking for a romantic getaway or families who wish to have some quality time together, Adventure Hana Tours has something for everyone. The island’s best-kept secret: Adventure Hana Tours. Designed for the relaxed traveler looking to break away from the crowds and explore all that this gorgeous island has to offer, we lead personalized tour experiences exclusive to each guest at an affordable price! From waterfall jumping to exploring deep in the jungle, our private tours have something for everyone. Come with your beloved one or come with your family—we make sure every day is a carefree adventure for you!