You’ve been looking for an experience. This is the one that will span your senses, from smelling sea life to feeling salt on your skin. The 90 Minute Reef Viewing Adventure and Dive Show takes you out to Maui’s only barrier reef so you can see the underwater world without getting wet! Board our boat, settle in front of the big windows or invite friends along and take it all in as we show off the wonders of Maui, including some favorite Hawaiian fish and other exotic critters. See the underwater world of Maui without getting wet! On the 90 minute Reef Viewing Adventure & Dive Show, you will be onboard and able to see various kinds of coral and reef fish such as the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a, Hawaii’s state fish. Once we are out to our best viewing site, you can sit in front of our big windows in our underwater viewing cabin for a close-up view of this incredible environment. This is when our divers will jump in and search for exotic critters that live below water.

Experience Maui’s aquatic world from the deck of a boat, all without getting your feet wet. Board our hi-tech underwater viewing cube to see Hawaii’s only barrier reef and many types of coral up close. Watch our divers swim through the waters as they explore exotic sea life with their hands! Bring it back home with you through one of our souvenirs. We bet that once you try this out, you’ll swear off traditional snorkeling forever.

The Maui 90 Minute Reef Viewing Adventure allows you to take in some of Hawaii’s most jaw-dropping views without getting wet. You’ll spend the day onboard a stand-up paddleboard exploring Maui’s beautiful coastlines, soaring over waterfalls, and gliding down for an up-close look at gushing lava, all while having access to our underwater viewing cabin and several dive stations along the way. What more could we ask for?

Escape the hustle and bustle for some downtime! This 90-minute tour of the underwater world of Maui features An air-conditioned submarine cabin, a ride on the top deck to take in a fantastic view of the West Maui Mountains from the water, and a dive show. Free fish chart and postcard included along with all transportation. Diving enthusiasts come to Maui for the warm waters, but locals know that it doesn’t matter if you don’t see anything once you’re in the water. There’s a whole other world under there, and The Outfitters dives with them: On this 90-minute tour of the underwater world of Maui features: 

  • An air-conditioned underwater cabin 
  • Window seats for everyone 
  • Dive show 
  • Free fish chart and postcard on the way back to the marina, guests can ride up on deck and get a fantastic view of one of our sunsets cast against a backdrop of cascading West Maui mountains from a different perspective—the waves. 

Celebrate your good life. Leave work pressures behind for a day, and enjoy this high-octane experience with anyone from one to thirty fellow explorers. Spice up your vacation plans with snorkeling reefs, watching underwater creatures glide by, or admiring enchanting coral gardens, all while surrounded by brilliant tropical fish and beautiful seashells!