There is no doubt that the island of Maui, the second largest in Hawaii, is a breathtaking tropical paradise.

 With over 100 miles of coastline, Maui boasts more than 30 miles of world-famous beaches, like the Makila Beach in Lahaina and the Baby Beach close by. While unwinding under the warm Hawaiian sun on these beautiful beaches is a great experience in itself, you can actually level it up and make the experience even greater by going on an adventure cruise! Go and make the most out of your Maui beach trip by booking Maui Adventure Cruises’ Lanai Dolphin Adventure!

Prior to boarding, kick-start your adventure with some professionally-taken souvenir photographs on Lahaina Harbor and complimentary morning beverages care of Maui Adventure Cruises.

 Once everyone’s checked in, get ready to sail away to Lanai on board the Explorer Super Raft, the largest super raft in the Islands! With its high-grade mechanism, the Explorer Super Raft offers a fast and stable boat ride to Lanai Island, and brings its passengers there comfortably, too, as it is equipped with padded seats and a large bimini top for sunshade. Guests are sure to enjoy the relaxing boat ride along Au’au Channel en route to two prime snorkeling sites, where your ocean adventure awaits. That’s right, Maui Adventure Cruises’ Lanai Dolphin Adventure includes not just one but two opportunities to go snorkeling in Lanai’s best spots!


Depending on the weather and ocean conditions, the captain will choose two locations safest for snorkeling on your tour day. Explorer Super Raft’s crew will further ensure your safety as they will provide you with complete snorkel gear, step-by-step instructions, and a couple of useful tips prior to your dive into the water. Once everything is set, your underwater adventure begins! In this most-awaited part of the tour, you will not only see spinner and bottlenose dolphins down under but many of their sea creature friends, too, like different species of tropical fish and green sea turtles. Some snorkel sites have had manta ray sightings, so watch out for these creatures as well. With seas so clear, you will surely catch sight of these animals, and more, as you take off on this exciting underwater exploration. Truly a great way to fully enjoy the waters of Hawaii, and, remember, Maui Adventure Cruises doubles the fun as it will take you to two snorkel spots in this package tour!


Just when you think it can’t get any better, Maui Adventure Cruises will also be serving a delicious deli-style lunch on-board at one of the snorkel sites! Enjoy some tasty turkey or vegetable wraps and other side refreshments like chips and fresh fruit juices, while enjoying the stunning views and the warm breeze. Unlimited beverages (sodas, juices, and bottled water) will be available, too, throughout the duration of the boat ride.


Maui Adventure Cruises’ Lanai Dolphin Adventure is a morning cruise that lasts for around four hours, but with all that this package tour covers, you will surely have plenty of beautiful memories in those few hours that will last you a lifetime. Go and book Maui Adventure Cruises’ Lanai Dolphin Adventure now!


Maui Adventure Cruises’ Lanai Dolphin Adventure Tour Highlights

  1. Cruise along Au’au Channel to Lanai Island
  2. Snorkel at two prime spots, specifically identified based on weather and water conditions during the tour day
  3. Encounter different marine organisms underwater, such as dolphins, tropical fish, and sea turtles


Maui Adventure Cruises’ Lanai Dolphin Adventure Tour Inclusions

  1. Morning refreshments of coffee or juice
  2. Unlimited soda, juice, and bottled water on-board
  3. Complete snorkel gear and snorkeling instructions and tips
  4. On-board deli lunch (turkey or vegetable wrap, buttermilk dressing, chips, cookies, and fruits)


Maui Adventure Cruises’ Lanai Dolphin Adventure Vessel Information

  1. The Explorer Super Raft is the largest in the state, measuring 50 feet.
  2. It has high-powered inboard engines–630-horsepower with twin Cummins Turbo-Charge Diesel motors.
  3. It can carry up to 42 passengers, but Maui Adventure Cruises limits every trip to 36 passengers at most.
  4. It is equipped with padded seats for comfortable seating and a large bimini top for sunshade.
  5. It has USCG approved seating, with 24-inch wide pontoons and hand lines and foot straps.
  6. It is furnished with marine head/restroom, fresh water shower rinse, and twin swim ladders for easy water entry and exit.