If you’re looking for a tasty treat, Maui residents and repeat visitors alike know that the best bakery in town is T Komoda Store and Bakery. They offer more than just sweets too; they have freshly baked breads as well as breakfast items perfect any time of day or night! Whether it be morning munchies or late night dessert cravings this store will make them disappear instantly

For those who have a sweet tooth, the bakery store is an easy destination. It’s Maui’s favorite for locals and tourists alike with its wide selection of baked goods that are sure to tantalize any taste bud.

Maui residents and repeat Maui tourists can find their happy place at T Komoda Bakery & Store in Makawao, which offers delectable treats guaranteed to satisfy anyone’s craving from dainty pastries like red velvet cupcakes or lemon tarts up to giant muffins fit for feeding entire families!

T Komoda’s bakery is famous for four delicious items: cream puffs, malasadas, long Johns, and toru. The flavors are exceptional with a mouth-watering taste that will be sure to make you come back for more!

T Komoda has been praised as one of the best bakeries in town because they have some of the most popular pastry recipes out there including their guava malasada which people keep coming back to purchase every week. All these desserts will have you coming back for more!

But the bakery also has a wide selection of pies, cakes, cocoa puffs, and butter rolls. Plus loaves of bread, cookies, and everything else you would expect from such an established establishment!

This place is so popular that a lot of their bakes sell out by the early afternoon. It’s best to get there for the 7 AM opening, or else you may not find what you’re looking for! They are closed on Wednesdays and Sundays though, which could be an obstacle if those days happen to fall during your visit.

Makawao is the perfect spot for a day of shopping and exploring. Along with its cute, rustic vibe, Makawao offers plenty to do during your stay with quaint shops hidden among galleries that will impress anyone who appreciates quality craftsmanship or artsy folk art pieces. Plan on at least half a day here before you head out onto other adventures in Maui and don’t forget to stop by T Komoda Bakery while you’re in the area! This neighborhood is located less than an hour away from Lahaina and Kaanapali, but only 45 minutes outside of Kihei.

In spite of its dim and unappealing facade, Komoda is a bakery worth visiting. They have many delicious pastries that will fill your stomach with joy before you know it!

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