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Explore Kauai by mountain bike and meet Hollywood. The only tour that takes you on three trail systems through Kipu Ranch visit waterfalls, beaches, and lush forests with all their natural beauty at your leisure. Ride for 3 hours in total with an average speed of 10 kph and experience one of Hawaii’s most scenic tours. Our 3-hour tour is perfect for the adventure-seeker looking to spend a day exploring Kauaʻi’s lush backcountry at a more leisurely pace. After completing the session with our knowledgeable guides, hop on one of our twin motorcycles and start climbing up Kipu Ranch’s First Trail System. You’ll soon cross paths with many movie locations such as Jurassic World or Indiana Jones and make your way through Handle ʻUlili Falls. Then climb down into Second Trail System—where you can see if “the little things” are worth fighting for before making the final push back out to Third Trail System, where we promise that “evens” will win you over.

Are you tired of the same old walking tours? We offer a 3-hour tour with extended riding times, and we even include some hike-able waterfall views. This trip is an adventure.

If you love being outside in the majestic countryside and claim to have seen every movie filmed on Kauai, then our tour is for you. Along this 3 Hour trail expedition, you will see many locations used in all your favorite movies. Highlights include the Kipu Ranch (known as Jurassic Park), waterfalls, Black Sand Beach (you may remember Liam Neeson’s character from Clash of The Titans), and more. See a rare waterfall and enjoy an adventurous 3-hour tour on the best vehicles for your experience. Catch glimpses of paradise as you drift down white-knuckle roads, scaling never-before-seen bumps and cliffs in Kauai’s Mountainous region. End with some serenity under waterfalls surrounded by tropical plant life at this excellent adventure outing that can be completed in just three hours.

Get refreshed and rejuvenated for your next adventure with a 2-hour waterfall tour. At Kipu Ranch Adventures, the best times are well thought out so you can have an unforgettable day. This relaxing class will feature incredible waterfalls found on our farm and offer great views of tropical fauna as we traverse through lands where landslides are common. The perfect outing to enjoy nature without getting muddy; make sure to choose this tour if you’re looking for some easy exploration.

Row into the waterfall cascading like an emerald veil just for you, or race to conquer your challenges. This thoughtfully crafted tour by Kipu Ranch Adventures has it all. Challenge yourself on this three-hour adventure and see Kauai from every angle possible- mountains to waterfalls! You will explore three of our favorite stops, with personalized attention only a privately guided tour can provide. With no group size limit and plenty of time set aside for individual needs, you’ll be sure to find what speaks best to you in Lihue’s trademarked adventure experience!