We start with a pick-up at the airport, and it's off to discover Waimea Canyon National Park and Koke's State Park.

Along our leisurely 3-hour hike that’s rated “easy,” we’ll learn fascinating geology facts like how the canyon was formed and why islands are so eroded by water. We’ll also see great views of lush vegetation, colorful flowers, unusual plants, birds flying in all directions—including eagles! As we descend into the valley on a switchback trail that winds through rainforests rife with a tremendous number of bizarre plants, including apple pie pineapple (which smells just like its name), you can’t help but be astounded by this multi-colored paradise. 

Welcome to the best vacation you'll have all year!

Self-driven or guided, we offer a tour of Waimea Canyon and Koke’s State Park tailored to YOUR interests!

You’ll get up close and personal with these breathtaking sites for 8 hours – an experience your mind will never forget. And as if exploring Kauai in its entirety isn’t enough at the end of your journey, you’ll have earned yourself bragging rights: You’ve seen one of America’s natural wonders!

Strap on a pack and set out for the day with us! This 8-hour tour gives you an introduction to our favorite trails, but there’s plenty more to do if you want it. Unspoiled natural landscapes and intimate encounters are a guarantee; we’ve been treading these paths for years! Our experienced guides will help you orient yourself using skills like map reading, compass use, GPS navigation, and self-rescue techniques before tackling unforgiving terrain like steep drops to raging waterfalls. We promise this will be one of the most challenging hikes of your life — that is, if you’re game enough!

Explore the beauty and natural miracles of the island on this phenomenal full-day tour!

Make sure to stop by Gold Beach, a beautiful unspoiled beach with white sand that is great for snorkeling. Hear your driver’s knowledge about Kauai’s history, as well as learn facts about Hawaiian culture while you are driving through some of the most breathtaking landscapes in Hawaii. Be sure to make stops at lookout points and take incredible pictures that will be souvenirs you’ll never forget!

It’s time to escape reality. There is a product for you! With the Ultimate Adventure Tour in Kaua’i, HI, enjoy every minute of your day. Begin this adventure with an adventurous hike. Then get access to remote island locations with your group’s interest. Next, enjoy drives through historic towns and beautiful scenery in the Waimea Canyon area. And finish it up by enjoying grand island views on a climb, or don’t forget that we offer opportunities for a bird-eye view from 4,000 feet above sea level too!

There’s no place like home. But if you’re thinking about a getaway, then Hawaii is the next best thing. Keep your eyes peeled for majestic waterfalls, endless views of untouched beaches, and bird’s eye perspectives as you climb to the top of Waimea Canyon State Park. You’ll find all that and more on our Ultimate Adventure tour. So what are you waiting for? Blast off to refreshing Kauai today!