During your day-long break from reality, we'll be teaching you the skills to live off the land in Hawaii with a hike along coastal trails into pristine forests.

As you learn to stay safe and hydrated while surviving life in nature, you’ll discover what it means to escape civilization and connect with the earth like never before. You won’t need any hidden survival gear or outdoor experience since we have trained professionals on hand at all times, plus some of the most beautiful locations on Kauai for instruction! 

This is an engaging outdoor experience! Your body and your mind will thank you. Chances are, if there were a zombie apocalypse or nuclear war, this would be one of the few places to survive. Great for solo travelers, couples, friends roaming together who need some space from each other for a bit – explore some survival skills in nature with us!

It's not every day you can spend an immersion in the lush ecosystem of Moloaa Sunrise, complete with coastline, coastlines forests, and expansive ocean views.

This unique immersive experience will teach you how to spot edible plants while exploring our pastures for free-range eggs – like these from our happy hens. When it’s time to break into small groups, spend some quality time going through a survival skills program that’ll have you foraging underbrush and fishing off the back of your truck. If nature is calling now or later during your steeper than expected adventure (you should come prepared), we’ve got toilets right there in the parking lot and plenty of excellent vendors on-site with fresh local food at sunset! 

Gather your courage. Roll up your sleeves and prepare to take on nature head-on. Adorned in camouflage, with the symbol of a banana drawn on your forehead, you’ll prepare yourself by wearing the terrifying outfit ever made: early mornings met with semi-awake bodies and coffee brewed weak from water boiled over an open flame. A member of our team will greet you at a roadside fruit stand off Kūhiō Hwy just after 8 am, and then drive 10 minutes down the road to park right next to where we’re headed: undeveloped coastline accessible only by foot – perfect for getting back to that first state quickly!

Get ready to disconnect and tune into your senses in a way you never have before. Build upon the Survival & Life Skills that nature provides, concentrating on those skills that can be used during an emergency. Along with four days of lectures, activities will vary depending on weather conditions and the interests of participants. So get ready to learn about fire-building tactics or how to track wildlife while sharing stories around a campfire! Camping adventure awaits true explorers who aim to take their survival from surviving to living.

Do you have the survival skills you need to survive in nature?

In an emergency, it’s good to know how to build an efficient survival shelter; make primitive fish traps; start a fire with minimal tools and materials. Have you mastered these necessary 18 life-saving wilderness skills? Seek adventure this fall by venturing into beautiful Moloaa Sunrise Park for a morning filled with hands-on, outdoor experiences helping you gain basic knowledge of wilderness life! From navigation skills training and plant identification classes, as well as instruction on making cordage and building shelters–we’ll help get your skills up to a lightning fast!

Escape the hectic rush of city life and escape into the natural beauty of Moloaa. From our quaint guest house, step out to wander through a rural paradise full of farms, birds chirping, and happy people living in harmony with nature. It’s truly refreshing! Join us on horseback or foot as we explore everything from local wildflowers to charming waterfalls to finding your way back home using nothing but the stars above you for guidance, just like those adventurers from ancient times used to do it! There is so much more than meets the eye – all are welcome. Don’t miss your chance at an unforgettable adventure unlike anything else on earth (in one day!).