Ignites your wanderlust with a day of exploration!

 Calm waters, coves, and pristine reefs await you on Kauai’s south shore. Enjoy breathtaking views of the island up close while we take it easy and slowly hike to coastal cliffs, including petroglyphs seen only by this trail near Poipu Beach Park. Truly a must-see! (Level: Easy/Moderate)

Not sure where to start or what to do in Hawaii?

Let our private Kauaʻi Hiking Tours guide be your tour guide for the day who will show you the ropes as well as some hidden gems on “The Garden Island”! Kauaʻi Hiking Tours was initially established to offer guests the chance for a more authentic, hands-on approach to exploring Kauaʻi. With roots in the early 1980s as an outgrowth of local hikes led by native ʻEhu descendants who were reacquainting family and friends with their homeland through centuries-old stories and ancestral teachings about the land, we’ve grown into one of Hawai’í’s most prominent names in hiking. Dozens of volcanic mountains graced with some of the earth’s rarest trees call us home—and now you can enjoy them too!

Get a fantastic photo of yourself at the majestic South Shore Coastal Hike to Sea Cliffs- a pretty view with gorgeous ocean and sky views. Maybe even see some whales on your way down! This hike is perfect for all levels: easy to moderate, depending on how fast you want to go. Make sure your group has ten people or more as it will be our pleasure to hike together. And any time with Kaua’i Hiking Tours can be magical- just let us know what you’re up for so we can make it happen!

Are you intrigued by the natural beauty of Kauaʻi? Capture each moment with a private guided hike to Sea Cliffs! You’ll see the lush shoreline, pine forests, and coastal cliffs with a guide who knows all the best trails. This tour is perfect for year-round exploration as temperatures are moderate in morning or evening winters.

Enough sightseeing for you yet? Not just Kauaʻi boasts its sea cliffs; Pele’s Sea Cliffs near Pāpaena Point have been drawing visitors since ancient times and still offer outstanding views today. Get your compass out and plan to go on a hike by sea in Kauai! This excursion will take you on an easy, 2-3 hour walk along the Coastal Cliffs. Along the way, you’ll pass many beautiful views of mountains in deep blue hues, as well as see crashing waves erupting into thin slivers of limestone, sometimes over 100 feet below at snapping points like Hāʻupu Mountain and Kawelikoa Point. The peninsula is home to awe-inspiring ocean views that extend to Oahu island. Is there anything more wonderful? Come experience this off-road hiking adventure for yourself with our guide today! 

Some might call this the best hike in Kauai! Make your way through lush, green temperate rainforest next to crashing waves as you walk up-slope. Along the way, observe unique plants and panoramic views of steep sea cliffs that stretch beyond imagining. Longtime nature enthusiasts may point out a few exciting bird species here and there, along with new friends they’ve met on their journey thus far. Still, until we reach Makauwahi Cave Reserve–the island’s largest limestone cave–that fascinating geology takes over. Like most things on Kauai, Makauwahi is a hidden jewel waiting to fruition for those who seek her out!