Why spend a long time on one fishing charter when you can share it with friends and family, all while still doing what you love? Not only is it convenient because most of the preparations are done beforehand–you don’t have to worry about packing and preparing food for everyone–but also budget-friendly! This four or six-hour shared Charter operates every Saturday from 6:30 am – 1 pm. Choose between a four-, six-, or eight-hour shared Charter, available Saturdays from 6:30 am – 1 pm, where up to 12 people will have a fantastic time interacting with fish in two different locations until they cast their final line.

When you and your friends want a carefree day in the sun, there are many different ways to enjoy one. We offer shared charters on off-shore fishing vessels for those with any desired time length – four hours or six or eight! For just the cost of fuel, you can spend your days exploring our beautiful shores here in Galveston Island. Tie up and relax with some friends as we take you out to ice up at deepwater spots rich with game fish waiting to be caught. Are dogs ok? Yes! Bring them too! What do I need to bring? 

Who doesn’t love starting a vacation with a private fishing charter! This group of adventurers will have the time of their lives catching catfish, crappie, and more in this four, six, or eight-hour shared Charter. They’ll be back to shore before they know it and can spend the rest of your day enjoying all that your destination has to offer. Pack appropriately for good grip on a boat or want to get wet feet because you never know what fish might bite while docking your line after a successful catch. Take care with those teeth when you’re doing your victory pose with friends.

Jerk off the red-eye and come fishin’. The Grander is a 45ft, 16 passenger charter boat in search of you – to be pelted with bait and left sunburnt for mere hours. This shared Charter guarantees fun for all family members, including babies, grandparents. Don’t know how to reel? No worries! Our qualified staff will show you the ropes and even help you dig up the prize catches. Remember, be prepared when coming out on this adventure with a positive attitude, snacks, lunch (or dinner if we’re lucky), water/soda beverages, sunscreen, and comfortable footwear that won’t hinder your ability or another’s ability to grip onto slippery surfaces during fishing. 

When you want to see something new, go out of your comfort zone. Reserve a shared fishing charter and sailed off into the nearby waters for an adventure that will offer more barrels than just fish. This is going to be one heck of an experience. Need a break from your daily routine? Become a little more adventurous than usual with some shared boating experience on the ocean! With the four, six, and eight-hour options available for this Charter, you and your group can pick just how long you want to enjoy beautiful French Polynesia. Catch up with family or friends on an exciting adventure when booking this deal today.