Maximize your Hawaii escape by flying over islands and mountains with your savvy pilot, who will teach you about the best spots to fly for photos. Reserve this complimentary Hawaii helicopter tour so that you can get a bird’s eye view of Kauaʻi, Maui, or Oahu from 12-24 miles away. 

Nothing compares to the awe one feels when viewing these Islands in person—once you return home excitedly, sharing your experience with family and friends! Think how much better it would be if those memories came from an aerial perspective? This is precisely what our private photo flight offers: picture-perfect views and magnificent scenery as far as the eye can see during a privately tailored adventure defying all. 

Make your next vacation memorable with a fun and memorable experience — a photography flight. Our fully customized flights are for small groups of 1-2 passengers, allowing you to fly anywhere you want! You have absolute freedom as we venture through secluded islands, lush valleys, jungles, beaches – soaring over waterfalls up close. Sit back and enjoy the time of your life. Are you feeling restless? When’s the last time you flew from coast to coast or even around your city? Often we want to be in many places all at once. Time gets away from us, and it’s hard to keep up with our curiosity for new things. With this one-of-a-kind experience for only two passengers, you’ll see what the rest of Hawai’i is missing out on! Explore Kauai, feel ocean spray in your hair, take shots high above the water that land just where you wanted them to go. Use these complimentary options as a priority and get noticed everywhere else while staying serene at home base.

It’s time to get on a private plane and take in some aerial views because this is one dream you won’t want to end! You’ll be able to see things from a perspective that only a bird has seen before, so why not experience what they do? Whether it’s the cliffs of Molokai or the largest waterfall in Hawaii, let our pilot show you places few people have ever been. These settings will make the most dramatic photographs that usually can’t compare with your family vacation photos. What about those fish we saw near Kaunakakai Bay—did you get any great shots? 

We are ranked as the world’s top tropical island by Conde Nast Traveler. A perfect vacation destination with stunning landscapes and beautiful sunsets. Visit our year-round warm weather paradise! We have everything you could want or imagine. And so much more! The Photography Flight from Lihue is ideal for a quick turnaround on your portfolio of work. It’s a highly private experience where you’ll know from the get-go that it will be worth every penny spent to make this flight enjoyable. And now, with one low price, we can do custom-tailored flights based on what YOU want to experience.

This is your opportunity to leave all of life’s work behind and set your clock ahead 1 hour for a whole vacation in just one day. On this personalized flight, you choose the notable landmarks that interest you most. You will have the chance to fly right up close and take vivid photos without any obstructions. It’s an exhilarating experience for those who want to see more Hawai’i than ever before!