Want to feel like you're living free? Get back to your roots!

Give it all up and experience the wild side. The great thing about these excursions is that they are a surprising mix of adventure and relaxation, so you’ll enjoy the adrenaline rush while also taking in views of beauty none can find on their own. Plus, if at any time during the tour, you feel ready for a break- we have plenty of sitting areas with benches to allow those more relaxed people full enjoyment over this type of extraordinary Hawaii experience. You’ll never forget an Over Top Adventure!

Kaua'i is a diverse place with so much to see, and this is where you'll find the Over the Top Kauai Adventure.

This tour will take up to 10 hours while you explore several places of epic beauty that require considerable effort. Many paths are off-trail through overgrown jungles or across extremely unmaintained surfaces, but don’t worry — there’s an expert guide with you. You won’t regret this hike!

Wonderful Kaua’i, the Island Goddess, is waiting for you! With our Over the Top Adventures, it feels like she’s pulling you in with each step. From incredible waterfalls that will leave your eyes speechless to lush rainforests where time doesn’t exist, we’ll show you spots on Kauai only a few people get to see. Ensigned with WOWing over 2000 visitors every year, these hikes are strenuous but well worth it. And just when your newfound energy starts feeling replenished? Why not round up your team and conquer some more terrains while exploring platforms of cultural beauty or ancient legends left behind by mighty warriors long ago. 

Get ready to take a walk on the wild side!

Kaua’i’s Over the Top Adventures is unlike anything you’ve tasted in your life. Experience jaw-dropping views, discover hidden waterfalls and venture way out of your comfort zone. Get up close with wildlife – because these guys aren’t afraid of telling it like it is. Trust us; we know what you want – these trips don’t disappoint.

There are few places in the world as beautiful as Kauai, but with Over The Top Kaua’i, you can experience a good deal of it that your regular beach bum friend just won’t. These guys know how to get you off the beaten track and into some genuinely unknown places—without even hiring a guide! This will be one hike that you won’t soon forget.

The only thing better than a day out on the trails is when you’re provided with the best hiking guides Kauai has to offer! When you have an Over the Top Kaua’i Adventure guide, not only will they help you find those hidden gems and unusual places most people overlook, but they are also your safety line. These hikes are strenuous to extreme difficulty and often require that our guests have extensive hiking experience and a general sense of ease, safety, and well-being in remote places. Whether you choose to explore the Na Pali Coast, Alakai Swamp, Waimea Canyon, or some of Kauai’s less easily visited waterfalls and inland mountains—all with knowledgeable guides at your fingertips—you can’t go wrong booking.