Recommended for those who want a tour along the North Shore of Kauai, this hike is an easy and moderate 3 to 4-mile round trip.

It starts at Keʻe Beach Park and goes through scenic Kēʻē Waimea Valley before arriving at Mākua Beach. With 200 feet of elevation gain on a sandy trail, it’s perfect for those looking to take in some beautiful landscapes while leaving their heart’s content with fresh air! Our friendly and knowledgeable guides will guide you on a moderate hike of 2-4 miles, with an elevation gain of 200 ft. 

Along the way, we’ll explore wildlife habitats next to tide pools that are teeming with snails, shrimp, bitsy sea stars, and more!

We also thought it would be fun to take you on a photography tour where we provide tips for taking pictures along the way + bring your camera but feel accessible to BYO gear.

Product Description: Imagine exploring Kauai famous North Shore by land this time! Hiking from shorelines over ridges into rain forests – among wild ginger plants and under towering ironwood trees – through meadowlands blooming brilliantly in buttercups.

The North Shore Coastal Hike is a great way to experience Kauai’s untouched beauty, and you’ll get the opportunity to see endangered Hawaiian green sea turtles! Discover the Outer Rim of Kalalau Valley & enjoy magical encounters with seabirds. The hike starts on Kaibobo Road, just after Lymali Beach Park. Stroll alongside beaches & streams during this 3-4 hour outing that ends at Haebaru Beach Park in Hanalei village (near Kilauea Point), where you can then choose from delicious meals at local eateries before returning to your hotel—dreaming of lazing on a beach somewhere warm? Let the North Shore Coastal Wildlife Hike in Kauai, HI, be your next laid-back tropical adventure. This stroll is a simple 3-4 hr hike from pick up to drop off. This stroll allows you to take it all in – seabirds overhead and endangered Hawaiian monk seal watching. It’s a scenic coastal hike that will have you living life slowly as they do down south. 

Do you want to get away from it all?

Then this is the hike for you. Nestled on a remote, knobby stretch of shoreline 2 miles west of Ke’e Beach, the North Shore Coastal Wildlife Hike doesn’t bustle with day trippers and beach bums like so many other Kauai hikes. You’ll see locals out in droves during this uncrowded outing–they love coast life and clean shorelines just as much as we do! More than wildlife sightings, it turns out that marine debris remains a high fave here since we offer knee-deep snorkeling opportunities for even the non-swimmers among us. 

A beautiful coastal hike in the true Hawaiian tradition. Explore Kauai’s North Shore with our guided walk along a stretch of pristine, undeveloped coastline. Make sure to come prepared for some severe snorkeling if the ocean is calm! Wear sturdy shoes and dress comfortably as you may be walking barefoot in the sand!