Join us for a bit of vacation on the waves!

It’s the best surf lesson you’ll ever have, and it will be over before you know it. You can choose to go if you are private or semi-private, and we’ll equip you with everything you need: beginner surfing boards, lifejackets, flippers – even bodyboards. So what are you waiting for? Start packing your sunblock. We’re only 1 hour away from where all the waves break, so think of how much fun this is going to be! We promise not to test your patience but rather give him a brand new perspective of surfing that he won’t forget in a hurry.  

Gather your friends for some kids surfing!

Let our qualified instructor introduce you to the sand and the waves. Your expert teacher will show you how surfing is done like a pro in this one-of-a-kind surf lesson! This class lasts about 90 minutes, giving plenty of time to master standing up on that board. Private lessons have a 1 to one ratio, while two people can take semi-private lessons with a 2-1 ratio. So please don’t wait any longer–come swim out with us at Kona Surf School!

Deserted beaches, daytime surf schools, and boardwalk cafes create the perfect backdrop for a laid-back learning curve. Surf school instructors love getting to know your kids while teaching them how to catch waves in paradise! If you have some lingering anxiety about releasing your little ones into wild and dangerous waters, it’s not too late to watch from the shore– at least until they get their sea legs. And don’t worry! The instructor will ensure that each child has a comfortable wax on before they swim out into deeper water during their lesson time. 

We guarantee there is the no better way to boost confidence than by catching waves with an experienced professional–I mean pro!–like these folks. Adventure awaits! You might think the ocean is scary, but not when you have a private tutor for your whole lesson, just you and them. This is an excellent way to learn, with no distractions (especially if they’re good-looking). Enjoy your time on an easy beginner surfboard, only doing what feels right to you, and enjoy both the social environment in the lessons as well as leaving footprints on this one-of-a-kind beach that can be found nowhere else!

The mildest form of relaxation known to man. The saltwater will soothe you while waves will crash over you. Don’t worry about potential sharks in the waters. We’ll teach you how to avoid them (hint: they float!) So please don’t wait for the vacation, book a private or semi-private lesson with SURF IT!!!! Kids Private Surf Lessons are sure to make memories through surfing lessons customized for children ages 4-12 who know how to swim. Have fun and learn surfing with Kids Private Surf Lessons! Spend time on the water, make new friends, and perfect your skills. Relax while our experienced instructors teach you self-confidence, creativity, making friends in a safe environment. Start out riding or catching small waves at 1.5 hours of private lessons or more leisurely board hanging in 2-hour semi-private adventures with two other kids.