Kauai's Ultimate Whale and Dolphin Zodiac Boat Adventure is everything you imagine when daydreaming about the glorious water life in Hawaii, with a twist.

Please make your way to one of three reef locations where you can snorkel and be surrounded by tropical fish while viewing spectacular coral reefs looking like they’re from outer space! Don’t worry if pirates happen to show up, as our friends at Matson assure us that “they wouldn’t dare!” The best part? No boat ride back! After all, we want this to feel like an adventure that your kids will talk about for years.

Get up close and personal with the world's largest animal on Kauai's Ultimate Whale & Dolphin Zodiac Boat Adventure.

Humpback whales, affectionately known as “gentle giants,” migrate to these islands from Dec-May during their gestation when they swim in our warm, calm, clear waters and fascinating vegetation. Watch them breach, tail slap, and vocalize in song. Our enlightened boat crew shares all of this fantastic experience with you at a distance to see sonar images through the clear water of the living interactive ecosystem that is Kauai. This always leaves kids coming home sharing memorable stories for life!

Watch these majestic beasts for hours on our Kauai whale watching tour!

We will put you up close and personal with these gentle giants so that you can experience their haunting song. We guarantee your summer will blow out the water this year. Take a vacation in Hawaii, where you’ll have one of the best moments in your life because we take care of all those little things, like snorkeling gear, hats, sunscreen, and bug spray. You deserve to be pampered during this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – which is why it lasts 2.5 hours. Get ready to be blown away (by a gentle wind) or get wet from an unexpected splash with one of these new friends beneath the waves as they breach.

Seeing humpback whales in their natural habitat will always leave you feeling like you’ve had the time of your life. Whether it’s with a group of friends, family, or even just one other person – we promise you won’t regret taking this Kauai whale watching tour! The sight of these gentle giants breaching and hearing their song from a distance are enough to make every visitor experience the magic and authentic beauty that makes Hawaii so incredible. 

Families are always left with lifetime memories after going on tours like ours, while children-well they’re often left with plenty more than just stories to share at school. Whale watching tours are popular in Hawaii, but they don’t come any better than Kauai! This 2.5-hour adventure will thrill animal lovers and leave children with a lifetime of memories thanks to their close encounters with Humpback whales and some action-packed dolphin chase scenes.

Enjoy Kauai’s Ultimate Whale & Dolphin Zodiac Boat Adventure with Kauai Aloha Adventures, where 2.5 Hours of enthralling humpback encounters are sure to provide you with memories for a lifetime! What makes this tour so spectacular is that these gentle giants migrate each year from December through May, when they swim close enough to the shores of Hawaii, such as in Lanai and Kauai! Book now!