This surf camp provides everything you need to catch your first wave and more.

Includes land lessons, gear, and boards for any level beginner in the water with four students. Surf lessons are suitable for beginners and offer many different times to learn. If you want an adventure with new people, surf lessons are a great start. Whether in need of a tropical vacation or just in the mood for something new, our surfing lessons are perfect for all levels. Please get to know why we’re called Kauai’s Ultimate surf lesson–we are #1 because of you.

Get ready for the ultimate surf vacation!

Explore Kauai’s beautiful coastline with a Hawaiian-style surfing lesson. Beginners will be welcomed, and we assure you’ll find it easier than you think to catch that first wave! Join in on the fun and get up and riding your first wave in no time. Surfing is a dangerous and exciting sport, but it doesn’t seem that way for your first-time surfers. With Kauai’s Ultimate Group Surf Lesson, Sheraton Hotel Resort will help you gain the thrill without all of the competitive elements. You’ll learn every bit of surfing basics while meeting new people along the way.

You’ll never get bored with Kauai’s perfect waves. We’ve designed this new program to teach you surfing basics while making it easy for beginners or if you want a break from the more advanced levels of surf instruction. The tour includes two on-water lessons and one land lesson, where we’ll give you a short tutorial on basic surfing techniques, ocean safety, and essential gear before we venture out into the deep blue waters of Crystal Bay. 

While learning to surf is challenging in its own right, at Kauai Surf Lessons, our goal during your time in the water will be giving you unrivaled support so that every wave becomes a success story sailed by all our forever friends.

Be the life of the party with an “English-Style” surf lesson. Start things off with a land lesson on how to use your body and balance. Then get into the water for some fun outrigger surfing! Learn right from another beginner within small group classes, four students maximum per instructor.

Surf instructors care about their learners and want them to have as much fun as possible! Discover more than just how to stand up on a wave or catch one – it’s all about getting confident in one’s abilities, too, while you’re at it. Ready to learn how to surf? Kauai’s Ultimate Group Surf Lesson is just the thing for you! We offer four people maximum per instructor and an occasional lesson with up to 6 people. You’ll get a short land lesson on surfing basics. Then it’s off to the water, where your experienced instructors will show you what it takes to ride those waves like a pro. Every commuter that takes one of these lessons leaves with tons of new knowledge about surfing well enough so they can enjoy this fantastic sport any time they want! If you’re honest about wanting more from life than 9-5 monotony, why not try something new today which might lead down roads less traveled?   

Join us for a thrilling 1-hour session of learning two different waves at an incredible Hawaiian-style beach resort. With two instructors per group, there’s plenty of fun ahead! Start your day with a surf lesson on Kauai. Hang ten and catch that next wave!