What better way to discover Kaua’i than on this Half-Day Kauai Adventure across the Wailua River, picnicking at Limahuli Garden before climbing and challenging Kalalau Valley, or visiting Na Pali Coast by boat.

Get off the beaten path with a guided hike through some of Kauai’s most beautiful and hidden valleys, streams, waterfalls, and nature preserves. These private tours are limited to four to five people allowing for personal attention from your experienced guide. 

For those who don't have too much time to explore Kauai, we offer a Half-Day Adventure!

Enjoy scenic hiking and sightseeing in areas of the valley, such as Waimea Canyon. Give your weary bones a break and take a half-day adventure on Kaua’i. Explore nature in all her glory with Kauai’s best hiking guides as you explore waterfalls, caves, lush valleys of a rainforest jungle, or breath-taking panoramic vistas! You will love letting your worries drift away as you go birdwatching or swim at some incredible hidden beaches. The sylvan beauty is matched by the restful atmosphere of our hikes – this is the perfect way to recharge for another round of Adventure on a paradise island.

4 – 5 hours on the orange dirt of a Hawaiian island, so why not get up close and personal with the surf? Well, as it turns out: we can! As one of Hawaii’s most extensive beaches, Poʻipu has been dubbed “Kauai’s Playground.” With more world-class golf courses than any other county in Hawai’i, how does your state-of-mind sound if you could play two rounds in one day?

One day is never enough for Kauai but take each opportunity as an adventure because there is always something else just over the horizon to explore, especially when you have a knowledgeable guide and time to do some exploring yourself. Have you ever wanted to go hiking but arenʻt quite sure what to wear? Ha! With Half-Day Kauaʻi Adventure, the tricky part is done for you. You can explore different areas of the island and hike with your guide while getting a taste of all that Hawai’i has to offer. Explore some of Kauaʻi’s most beautiful trails from easy treks through gardens and rainforests or strenuous terrain with plunging falls and rugged trailheads in search of animals – it doesn’t matter as long as you are out exploring. Competitive hikers may want additional guidance before embarking on one of our longer hikes, which may become more challenging as daylight begins to lessen.

Kauaʻi is awe-inspiring. With its flower lei trees, proximity to waterfalls, and towering mountains all around, Kauaʻi stirs up something otherworldly in each person who visits.

You will find that the view changes with every mile of your journey across this beautiful island, from lush tropical plants and iconic flowers seen on postcards Worldwide to panoramic viewpoints showcasing ancient topography at its finest.  Half-Day Adventure is a hiking tour providing some of the best views that Kaua’i has to offer! Create a new memory as you climb through bamboo forests, trek along exposed ridges high above valleys, or hike amongst fruits for which Hawai’i is renowned. Welcome home!