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Stay calm and refreshed with this Group Surf Lesson!

Get hands-on instruction for beginners without any fuss or long learning curve. We teach you to swim knowledge first, then you’ll get in the water, and before you know it, you’ll be bombing the waves like a pro. Just 10 minutes south of La Jolla, you’ll have plenty of time to hit up some of our famous surfing spots after your lesson. Don’t forget to work out afterward—the ocean is full of saltwater weights.

Grab your surfboard, friend who wants to learn, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

A few words about this incredible Group Surf Lesson: You’ll get 90 minutes of nonstop instruction from an experienced Ironman Surfing Instructor. The lesson will include using a beginner-friendly surfboard and wearing a protective rash guard or shirt, as one might see on a pro surfer.

Get your limit in sessions! Join us for an exciting 1.5-hour group surf lesson where you could become a pro surfer this summer and have something to brag about all year long. With our skilled instructor, who has been operating since 2005, there is no better way to experience the best waves of the season with up to 4 friends or family members per session under one instructor at a time. Oh yeah – did we mention that kids as young as four can partake in these optimal lessons?

Every year, people flock to our great beaches to escape the real world. Now you can enjoy your next Californian vacation by taking a Group Surf Lesson with us! These 90-minute lessons are beginner-friendly and perfect for beginner surfers who want to shred waves like Laird Hamilton with their friends and family by their side. After getting up on a surfboard for the first time, you’ll be moving gracefully across deep blue water in no time at all —seriously! When you’re finished, you’ll know how to balance on a surfboard, and they might even teach you some new tricks too. 

It’s time to pack your bags and add a petite surf chick to your vacay! These Group Surf Lessons are for beginners, so there’s no worrying about fitting in. Make friends, get wet, and catch some waves. Plus, you’re with an experienced instructor the whole way through. Let them help you navigate these waters while making the most of this week off!

A beginner surf lesson like no other. Come in as a solo surfer and return to shore with ready-made friends! Group lessons focus on providing a fun, relaxed environment for learners of all ages and skill levels. All sessions are led by the best surfing instructors on the coast who specialize in teaching beginners. A maximum of four students per instructor means more personalized attention for you. Plus, you’ll also learn how to protect yourself from exposure to harmful UV rays while out in the sun after your lesson concludes, ensuring that novice surfers can continue enjoying their newfound hobby season after season.