Make this your next summer adventure. From coast to coast, explore some of Kauai’s most gorgeous views from the epicenter of tourism. Please choose your destination and enjoy our doors-off helicopter adventure that will let you see it like never before. Kauai is a world of its own and is the ideal spot for nature lovers. This lookout will take you over Kauai’s most breathtaking views on your DOORS-OFF ADVENTURE. View Bali Hai, also known as the Makana Mountain, starts at the beginning of the Na Pali Coast on the North Shore of Kauai. Soar over Manawaiopuna Falls, aka “Jurassic Falls,” one of Garden Isle’s most famous waterfalls, best known from the 1993 blockbuster film Jurassic Park. 

See Kauai like never before with the DOORS-OFF ADVENTURE! You will see the Garden Isle as you’ve never seen it before as we fly over Kekaha’s famous Jurassic Falls to Hanapepe’s 3,000-year-old Sacred Pools. Facing west, you’ll pass by Waimea Canyon, home of Mount Waialeale (or “the weeping wall”), one of the wettest spots on earth, and then head north past Bali Ha’i and Waialeale Crater, which is considered one of the wettest places on earth. This unbelievable adventure over Kauai is ideal for those who want to experience Hawaii in a whole new way.

Take a 20-minute helicopter tour, and you’ll see acres of forested canyons, beautiful rivers snaking through valleys, crashing cascades, and towering waterfalls. You’ll find quicksilver dolphins in Hanalei Bay or puffins at Kipu Kai. Visit the world’s wettest spot–the Wailua Falls in Waimea Valley (which dumps over 1000 gallons per second). Or hike to Secret Beach on Kauai’s North Shore for sightings of sea turtles and monk seals! All these adventures are waiting for you with Doors Off Helicopter Adventures! This is one jaw-dropper of a day on an island paradise that’s beyond compare.

The doors of the helicopter will ensure that you get the most of your tour. With a bird’s eye view, enjoy swaying palm trees, pure volcanic mountains, and the soothing sound of crashing waves – just like you were above it all! The doors off experience are perfect for those who want to take in as much scenery as possible. Your adventure starts from Honolulu, and your doors off the helicopter take you over shimmering mountains, vast plains, rolling waves of cane fields, searching for petroglyphs. In these ancient Hawaiian fishing villages, spacious flower gardens grow in the air. You will visit Waimea Canyon State Park to see one of the world’s great natural wonders and find yourself spellbound by some of Hawaii’s most arresting landscapes.

As you leave Waimea, you will notice spectacular views on either side – Mt Nu’uwe o ena as it nearly reaches high into the sky with green trees nestled beneath; on your right Kaupo Gap with its distinctive crevasse that has been formed by three different streams cascading down from neighboring mountain ranges – virtually. Take a helicopter ride over 8,000ft of lush mountain sides and across the great valleys of Kauai. See raging liquid waterfalls in emerald pools spilling into Hanalei Bay! Nestled in between two districts, Hanalei Valley is best known for its beautiful white sand beach with breathtaking views from the ridge it sits on. Behold remote towns like Kilauea and Nydahini­ just before soaring back up to the sky as you watch Nu’u Point surrounded by three waterfalls rolling themselves down to the sea.