Getting your first lessons in surfing doesn't have to be a chore.

Whether you’re part of a family or just bumping into each other at the break, Da Ohana Surf Clinic is all about good vibes and great times as we teach you how to surf. Check out our packages for three days of private instruction tailored to your needs! Da Ohana is the perfect family outing or way to show your friends how Hawaiian-style surfing can be! In just 1.5 hours on a Surf Clinic, Da Ohana offers three lessons for beginner to intermediate surfers, for ages nine and up.

Bring your friends, your family, or simply yourself, and we will get you started or help brush up those skills so that you’ll have something to talk about in the water with them!

Life is better when it’s by the ocean, and you and your family or friends can have fun all day long in the waves!! These lessons are private, so you can invest in learning how to surf with just one instructor holding your attention for 2 hours. Whether it’s a group of 4 people or eight beginner-level friends–you’ll be sure to find something that works as there are times available in our schedule for both! 

We offer three different lesson lengths for best fit and comfort: 1 hour, 90-minute private sessions include time on the beach briefing about dynamics of surfing (wave action, currents), then instruction with some hands-on experience in body positioning on board. 

Surfing in Hawaii will be the best vacation you’ll ever have with a family that surfs together! We start with a three-day private lesson, and by the end of it, your kids will know all they need to know about brushing up on their surfing skills. They’ll not only get to learn how to stand on the board and paddle out but also jump headfirst into waves. With an instructor just for them, this is da ohana surf clinic, guaranteeing those unforgettable memories as they wrap up their experience with an extraordinary session of beach exploration before heading back home!

In the good ol’ days, a family that surfed together stayed together. Friends would pick up the board and paddle out with their friends because they had nothing else to do. Times have changed, so now you can get professional lessons from world-class instructors in an excellent small-group setting. You’re not working on your wave here; you’re surfing alongside new partners in this life aquatic adventure! 

These private 1hr/90min surf clinics are for beginners seeking enrollment into our Surf Lessons program, those who need to sharpen their skills before hitting some of Kauai’s most challenging breaks, or for groups of four who want more individualized attention than a large group class offers. The Ohana Surf Clinic has everything you and your family need! The private lesson guarantees each person will have the attention they deserve. This 3-Day Private Lessons for Beginners will give your family or group of friends 90 minutes of instruction per day, and in just a few short lessons, you’ll be surfing together as one mighty surf cascade! Classes are from 10 am to 2 pm. Book now before this coastal wave is gone forever!