Escape to your very own tropical paradise, Kauai, HI! With tours that cater to your interests and suit your needs, you'll get the time of island life you deserve.

Join an expert in hiking at a pace that suits you or explores interesting native plants on our interactive educational tour. Start exploring now with Choose Your Own Adventure Tour – all of ours are private!

You can choose your adventure on the island of Kauai.

With scheduled private tours, you can hike at your own pace and explore areas with some of your interests with a knowledgeable guide that will cater to what you want. If there is no space available for when you have planned, give us a call; we can still accommodate you.

Choose Your Own Adventure” Tours. See the island of Kaua’i like no other!

With more than 12 hours of activities to choose from and hundreds more, if you’re up to it, we’ll customize your appropriate adventure. Mixing in writing prompts with local tradition and sightseeing, this tour is made for anyone lucky enough to be on Kauai. Located just off the East Side of Oahu, get “Ready To Choose?!”

Adventure is waiting just around the corner at Choose Your Own Adventure Tours Kauai! What better way to explore this tropical island paradise than by touring it your way. For some travelers, one day on Kauai takes in enough sights and experiences for a lifetime – from diving with dolphins in the crystal-clear Pacific to exploring the deep green slopes of Waimea Canyon on horseback. Others prefer longer itineraries that allow them to visit picturesque beaches, heady botanical gardens, or swim in hidden waterfalls during their stay.

Discover the breathtaking views and lush rainforest of Kauai’s interior by hiking with local experts! Choose Your Adventure will lead you on a custom adventure based on your interests. Whether you want to walk just for a few minutes or explore more remote areas, this trip is perfect for newbies or hikers that are looking to expand their horizons vastly. Be sure to enjoy some tasty Hawaiian delights after your tour at one of the local restaurants!

The Choose Your Adventure tour provides an immersive experience through the beautiful island. Armed with your guide, you will explore Kauai’s lush, rugged terrain and view its most breathtaking features. From waterfalls to ancient lava-rock pools, these hikes are designed for all abilities. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a casual stroll or propelling yourself up some steep stairs. This trip has it all! Discover Kauai’s hidden treasures and beauty on your own, in a guided fashion. The “choose your own adventure” tour will take you through the island of Kauai with a local expert and help design a custom adventure for you! Walk as much or little as you please, combining any of the listed hikes or requesting something different if desired.