Fly in and out of the best airport on Kauai for scenic flights. Book with us now, and we’ll get you there pronto. This G8 AirVan is our new touring plane from Australia. It can comfortably seat six passengers plus the pilot. There are no middle seats. Every seat has large bubble windows for unobstructed views of Kauai. But not just any hotel view – while soaring over 2680 acres of varied terrain ranging from rugged volcanic mountains plunging 5500 ft below sea level to fertile green valleys overlooking serene white sand beaches, tour guides narrate your twelve-minute flight around Kauai’s circumference giving information about how early Polynesians once migrated here. In our G8 AirVan, see Kauai in comfort and style with a view like no other. Our luxurious bubble windows give you clear ideas of beautiful Hawaii from every angle. At the same time, Bose noise-canceling headsets means you can talk face-to-face without even having to speak over the engine’s noise. Join us for the best professional air tour on this beautiful paradise island.

What would be better than a day on the beach or a hike to find yourself? With our AirVan Tour from Australia, you can see Kauai from the highest point possible with your new favorite mode of transportation. Our G8 AirVan is fully equipped with all necessary amenities and features, including noise-canceling headsets, six seats plus one pilot, large bubble windows for unobstructed views. Ride comfortably with us as we show you why Kauai truly offers visitors an experience of a lifetime. This is the tour for you if you’re looking to see everything Kauai has to offer in just one day. We’ll take you from Lihue, which our website says was made famous by Harrison Ford’s 6 Days and 7 Nights as well as Jurassic Park, up into the air on board our Air Van 1 during a scenic and informative tour of Kauai’s most notable attractions.

This product is meant for travelers who are interested in exploring Kauai from the sky. You will start by viewing famous landmarks up close before looking at some of Kauai’s most incredible sites. This tour is also an excellent option for whale watching as it coincides with the winter season- which means there will be more whales out on the water. It may conclude with a short landing to walk among Hanalei Bay’s serene beaches and take pictures of endless waterways between mountains spanned by lush forests without any interruption or interference. Head out on the vacation adventure of a lifetime with Air Van 1. This one-way ticket offers scenic views of Kauai’s most famed sites, from Jurassic Park waterfall to the Na Pali Coastline. Spend your morning exploring Hanalei Valley and then head back to Lihue in time for airport traffic only minutes later.

If you’re looking for the perfect way to make your visit to Kauai even more memorable, look no further! This is a must-do if you’re in Kauai. You will see waterfalls, dense rainforests, cliffs and canyons, and water that changes color from coffee to jade green with depths beyond visibility. This product has it all: natural beauty, pristine beaches, and clear views of the “Garden Isle.” Sit back, relax and enjoy spectacular scenes that will take your breath away. Experience everything from Jurassic Park falls to whale watching.