If you find Kailua Beach Park a little too busy for your liking, Kalama Beach Park is a great alternative. It might not be as popular as the former, but Kalama Beach Park is surely a beautiful sight and experience on its own. Kalama Beach Park is a spacious beach complex that has a wide grassy area for dry outdoor activities such as fairs and sporting events, and which, of course, features Oahu’s finest waters.

What sets Kalama Beach Park apart is it is more suitable for land-based activities. While, yes, Kalama Beach Park gives its visitors an access to the pristine seas of Oahu Island, park-goers opt to enjoy their time at Kalama Beach Park’s spacious land/grass areas, engaging in different dry outdoor activities, rather than swimming or doing water sports. It must be emphasized that going into the water is not exactly prohibited at the Kalama Beach Park, but some find the waters too shallow and the shore too rocky for swimming and other water activities. The waters by the shore tend to get a little murky, too, not because of pollution and lack of maintenance but by the presence of seaweeds in the area.

The feel and views at Kalama Beach Park are amazingly spectacular, though! While you and your companions are having an exciting time doing your land-based activity of choice, whether that be an afternoon picnic, a game of frisbee or volleyball, outdoor concert or festival, the entire experience is taken up a notch because of the warm breeze, the sound of the waves, and the sight of the waters and mountains in the background.

Check out Kalama Beach Park’s exact location below!

Kalama Beach Park Lokahi Kailua Market