The Hawaiian Style Cafe has quickly become one of the most popular restaurants in Waikiki. Its casual atmosphere and delicious food have many guests and locals loving its fine cuisine. If you’re looking for a great place to take your family or enjoy an enjoyable afternoon in the sun, the Hawaiian Style Cafe in Hilo, Hawaii is where you need to be.

The Hawaiian Style Cafe has all the best dishes from Hawaii, and now they are available to everyone! The family can enjoy an affordable gourmet meal without having to fly across the world. Start your day off with a Massive pancake or Kalua Pork Hash before heading out on that hike you’ve been talking about for months. These items will fill up an appetite while still being easy on their wallet too! So stop by today and see what we have in store for you- there’s something here just waiting for you right now.

The Hawaiian Style Cafe menu boasts several types of Hawaiian delicacies, all prepared in a way that allows you to enjoy them without having to worry about the ingredients or frying them in oil. Customers get a full meal for much less money than it would cost to dine out at fancy restaurants. Since Hawaiian food is typically lower in fat and calories, the cost-effective meals make it a good choice for people watching their fat intake. Another advantage of the fare is that everything is prepared to order, which cuts down on the number of times that you have to go running around in the grocery store or searching through cookbooks to find just the right recipe.

Diners can enjoy a wide variety of breakfast options all day and night at Hawaiian Style Cafe. The Big island favorite includes french toast or loco moco for kids, while parents can indulge in gourmet steak and pasta specials.The fresh, tasty fish at this local restaurant is always the best choice. Get your dinner with an incredible poke bowl for a fantastic meal.

We hope you enjoy our pint-sized menu, including beer and wine*. And we assure you that walk-ins are always welcome. If the line looks too long for your taste, don’t fret – it won’t take much time to be seated! Eat-in or Take Out with us anytime*

Regardless of what you order, you’re sure to leave Hawaii’s biggest island with a smile on your face as you realize just how great Hawaii has become due to its resident chefs. While you might not think that eating in a Hawaii Restaurant would be a big deal, once you taste the quality and variety of food available that you quickly change your mind. Whether you want to stick to the Hawaiian-style menu or try something new, you’re sure to be happy that you spent your vacation in Hawaii knowing how great the food was.

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