It's time to go ziplining in Hawaii! From 300-900ft, experience the thrill of a lifetime and find your inner self with our three lines planned out for you.

This is the perfect amount of time to build up some nerve and have some fun for only an hour! This tour is ideal for everyone from families looking to share memories or even couples seeking that one moment that will be discussed for years on end. You will get beautifully scenic views while feeling like James Bond flying at an exhilarating pace over treetops, down steep valleys, and coastlines across three courses that vary in length and challenge. 

A zip line experience like no other, this Half Zipline Tour allows you to soar through three exhilarating lines. Perfect for all ages 6+, this tour is ideal for those looking to have an unforgettable, adrenaline-fuelled time as they fly through coral craters! The newest dropzone harness converts your weight into forwarding momentum, so you don’t need to worry about slowing down or stopping yourself: enjoy the ride and soak up some unbelievable scenery as you journey towards the lakeshore below.

Are you looking for the perfect way to spend an adventurous day with friends and family? Want something unique that you’ll be talking about forever? Half zipline tours are the answer! This is a fun, safe experience where professionals lead the way through 3 exhilarating zip lines, from 900 feet to 400 feet. The activity also features modern braking systems, allowing participants of all ages – 6+ – to enjoy themselves without any prior skills. If you’re looking for excitement and adrenaline in Oahu, HI, this could be just what you need!

Ready for your vacation adventure? Our Half Zipline Tour (3 lines) on Oahu, HI, satisfies you and your family with a daring activity that’s perfect for all ages! You’llYou’ll get the chance to take spectacular aerial photos from 300-900 feet in the air while feeling free as a bird. All you need to do is come prepared; wear closed-toed shoes, bring sunscreen, water bottle–not sure what else is left that we have yet to mention!

Our signature Coral Crater Zipline Tour is perfect for thrill-seekers and families alike, with three different lines to conquer. You’llYou’ll soar through breathtaking views of this sprawling island from heights up 900 feet at a safe speed of 40 mph- but don’t worry, we have plenty of the newest braking systems, so your adventure will never end in disaster! Book with us today before that last two spot sells out for those looking for the getaway they deserve.

Experience soaring through the air 300 to 900 feet above the ground on three zip lines! Expect surprises! Throughout your tour, you’ll be whizzing past mountain peaks, lush rainforest valleys, and even other zipliners. See why this is not just a tour but an experience that will leave everyone with memories they’ll cherish for years to come.

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