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Haleiwa Art Gallery has been at the center of Oahu’s art community for 20 years and was founded with a mission to provide artists on the island an opportunity where their work can be displayed. Haleiwa Art Gallery strives to provide artistic experiences that enrich lives and reach a wide audience. We carry original artwork and fine art reproductions in a range of styles, subjects, and mediums that represent the diversity of our community. From abstract paintings to realistic depictions we have something for everyone! We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting pieces of artwork, from paintings with vibrant colors to sculptures crafted by skilled hands. The gallery currently features some cutting-edge artwork by these talented Pacific Island artists whose works span from traditional paintings all the way up to abstract art pieces. We have curated one of the largest collections on Al Furtado’s work and we represent other fine artists as well. Including Ed Furuike, Lance Fairly, Mark Howard, and XQ Silk Art.

About Haleiwa Art Gallery

George Atkins has always been a fan of the arts and is so glad to be able to share his love with Haleiwa Art Gallery visitors. He enjoys helping them find their way into art appreciation by providing an environment that encourages creativity in all its forms! His three daughters all attended an exclusive school where the arts were integrated into their curriculum from a young age. In which they are required to partake in art activities with a flair for drama, writing, and visual arts and play one instrument. George Atkin’s emphasis on creativity eventually led his daughter Krista, a lampworking glass artist. George is a lifelong entrepreneur who offered to open up his own gallery where he could display her work. In 1996, Oceans in Glass opened its doors on the North Shore of Hawaii and has remained there happily ever since.

As George immersed himself into the arts scene of Hawaii he became more aware of how important it is to get these lesser-known local talents seen by people outside their inner circles and given opportunities they never would have had otherwise even if they are considered “outsiders.” As the world of art continuously changes, and artistic disciplines become more diverse than ever before, it has been a struggle for artists to find spaces that will showcase their work. George grabs every opportunity to find more ways for Haleiwa Art Gallery to grow. When the bank down the walk from them moves out, he sees it as an opening and runs with it by building displays and recruiting artists of all kinds. Haleiwa Art Gallery has been around for a while, but the gallery is now representing some of Hawai’i’s most talented artists. Haleiwa represents an average of 20 artists at a time and showcases collections large enough to demonstrate each artist’s ability as well!

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