Given Oahu’s diversity, it is no wonder that there are a great number of activities travellers can try out and enjoy during their getaway to this part of Hawaii.

 While most of these tourists come just to enjoy the stunning seascapes and the beautiful Hawaiian weather and breeze on the beach, there are certainly a lot more ways to explore the beauty of Oahu, also referred to as “The Gathering Place”. Come and have this unique adventure by booking a fun scenic horseback riding experience with Gunstock Ranch’s Sweetheart Ride–the best way to enjoy the beautiful Hawaiian country and its spectacular mountain scenes!

Gunstock Ranch is located on Oahu’s North Shore, and currently offers an authentic Hawaiian experience far from the big crowds gathering by the waters, and instead closer to the Island’s beautiful mountain scenes.  Because while Oahu indeed has breathtaking ocean views, it also boasts picturesque landscapes that you should not miss out on during your trip!

Fortunately for you, these stunning scenes are accessible through fun adventure tours such as those offered by Gunstock Ranch. For this tour in particular, Gunstock Ranch’s Sweetheart Ride is a scenic horseback riding adventure where you and your companion will meander along the horseback riding trails on the Ko’olau Mountain Range, overlooking Oahu’s beautiful coastline. During the ride, you will be led by a wrangler tour guide who will assist you as you navigate your way through the Ko’olau Mountains, while marvelling at the majestic mountain scenes and lush greenery surrounding you. Truly, this is a great way to appreciate the beauty of the other side of Oahu–the side that not everyone is aware of and given the chance to catch sight of!


Gunstock Ranch’s Sweetheart Ride is a two-hour private ride, wherein it’s just you, your companion, and your wrangler tour guide during the tour. However, the guide will not be with you all throughout the experience, as you and your companion will be left alone to enjoy a private moment upon arrival at the perfect picnic spot. That’s right–Gunstock Ranch’s Sweetheart Ride includes a lovely picnic on the mountain, complete with delicious sandwiches on fresh homemade bread, fresh fruits, and a bottle of sparkling cider! All of these delicious refreshments you will enjoy, while simultaneously enjoying the panoramic view of Oahu’s oceans from up the Ko’olau Mountain Range. A mountain tour couldn’t get any lovelier than this!


While understandably, you may have apprehensions about riding a horse since not everyone has had experience in horseback riding, but there really is no need to worry as Gunstock Ranch’s Sweetheart Ride is guaranteed suitable for all skill levels, even for first-timers. The Gunstock Ranch’s Sweetheart Ride is a walk-only ride, so skills and prior experience are not necessary. Anyone and everyone can enjoy this horseback riding tour!


This is, no doubt, the best way to enjoy the beautiful Hawaiian country and its spectacular mountain scenes, while gazing at the panoramic views of the Oahu coastline. Do not pass up on this lovely experience! Book your slots now to Gunstock Ranch’s Sweetheart Ride.


Gunstock Ranch’s Sweetheart Ride Tour Highlights

  1. A private two-hour horseback riding experience
  2. Scenic horseback riding trails on the Ko’olau Mountain Range
  3. Panoramic view of Oahu’s beautiful coastline
  4. Picnic lunch, complete with sandwiches, fruit, and cider


Gunstock Ranch’s Sweetheart Ride Special Instructions

  1. Check in at Gunstock Ranch, located at 56-250 Kamehameha Hwy, Kahuku, HI.
  2. Check in 30 minutes prior to your scheduled ride time.
  3. This tour is available daily except Sundays and major holidays. Choose from the following tour times:
    1. 11:00 AM
    2. 1:00 PM
  4. Riders must at least be 7 years old, and must not be more than 240 lbs.
  5. Pregnant women are not allowed to ride.
  6. All riders must abide by the trail guide instructions, and as well as the guidelines on horse care and handling.
  7. This tour requires a minimum of two riders to book.
  8. Make sure to pack lightly, as there are no lockers or storage for your valuables. As much as possible, bring only those that can fit your pocket and small bag.