What would you say if I told you that there's a place where the view from the zipline might make your jaw drop and your body tingle with excitement?

If this sounds like a destination for you, then we’ve got something perfect. In addition to our eye-opening views of mountainous islands encased in lush green forest landscaping, we have six different zip lines spanning 300 feet up to 900 feet! Two hours on our high flying adventure will be sure to fly by thanks to 6 lines of adrenaline-pumping incidents. Bring pedal cars along, or grab one during your experience

The Coral Crater Zipline Tour is the perfect family activity that will leave you wanting more. This tour offers excitement, speed, and memories from start to finish, but don’t take our word for it! 

On your Coral Crater zip lines adventure, you’ll see breathtaking views of Pali Lookout and Koko Head; experience adrenaline reaching speeds through some of Oahu’s most thrilling forest canopy environments; you’ll even get to decide between two different styles of flying: stomach or face down. Once you’ve made your decision, pull on the brakes and enjoy a smooth 350′ glide back to earth because, with this latest braking system, nothing is stopping YOU! 

Ready to feel the natural adrenaline of adventure? Then try our six zipline tour! On this 2 hours guided tour, you’ll be flying through forests and landscapes while on some 300-900 foot long zip lines along the way. So saddle up with your family members, friends, or partner because this is an experience you won’t soon forget!

High Flying Adventures! Transcendence is what you’ll feel when you soar through lush forest and colorful valleys, as well as the perfect display of beautiful flowers. Launched from a plateau many feet up above the trees, our guests fly for miles across various types of zip lines, including over 900 ft long lines that will have your heart racing all day long. Hiking to these sightseeing points provides breathtaking views of some small country towns down below; this tour also features complimentary photography opportunities so you could capture those moments forever.

Arcadia’s beauty awaits at Akaka Falls State Park, making it Hawaii’s newest Hawai’i state park in 1950. This adventure includes six ziplines ranging from 300 to 900 feet, providing an experience for all.

Get that adrenaline rushing and take the perfect plunge into fun on our signature Coral Crater Zipline tour. Toss in 6 ziplines, safety briefing with professional guides, instructive GIFs for those not too sure how it all works—and you’ll be feeling like a total pro by the end. This blast of an experience is perfect for adults and kids alike – or if you’re looking to give your mom one heck of a surprise this Mother’s Day, then head our way!