Cheerfully enter the warm excitement of your next peaceful vacation with our high-quality, uniquely Oahu kayak tours. Unique to that island, kayaking is an activity for those who are looking for a relaxing and humorous adventure in addition to all the beauty-filled sights! Get on board today and start making life memories as you explore North Shore beaches like Waimea Bay without sometimes hiking miles and miles. Just find a beach worth seeing. Oahu is a scenic behemoth, the largest island in Hawaii, over twice as big as all American Samoa and Guam combined. She’s got everything you could imagine: soaring peaks, tranquil valleys, powdery beaches with endless waves for surfing or just sunbathing. It’s an explorer’s dream.

Hawaii might be an eight-hour plane ride away, but you can take home sweet memories of your Oahu kayak adventures just by renting two tandem boats from us when you stay on one of the North Shore Airbnb rentals in Hawaii. The best part of this is that we’ll drop off and pick up any Oahu tourist rentals – for free! It’s your time to get away and explore the North Shore on an Oahu kayak rental package.

If you want to take in views of stunning coastline, green rainforest, or rocky cliffs, a kayak tour is just what you need. We’re located at Kahuku Marine Life Center, so before checking out our equipment (4 tandem kayaks with all gear included!), be sure to give these great ocean creatures some love. 

Included in your rental package are paddles, life vests, and seat backs for optimum comfort, as well as four dry bags for damp days. You can arrange delivery anywhere in Honolulu County with our service. You’ve got the beaches, you’ve got excellent restaurants and more entertainment options than anywhere else. You have rainbows aplenty to make any mood happy, and there’s something so refreshing about the Hawaiian trade winds on your skin when they’re up close. So come o-ahh-a with us for an unforgettable kayak adventure through breathtaking North Shore Parks, where we’ll explore coastal flora and fauna features from pristine tide pools to ancient palm trees against a backdrop of crashing surf. The beauty is in the details.

It’s the perfect getaway for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. With a four-hour paddle spanning from Kailua Bay to Waimea Bay, you’ll be able to explore the gorgeous North Shore up close in comfort and style while keeping your phone dry in our dry bag! Our kayaks are sturdy and safety certified for two adults – but if you need something lighter then check out our singles or pairs of tandem kayaks. Combining historical and natural attractions with the highest sea cliffs in Hawai’i, this package will take you exploring some of the most beautiful ocean views on Earth. Locations like Koko Head Crater make it worth a day trip alone.

Discovering Hawaii’s beauty is made easy with our Explorer North Shore Kayak Package. Featuring kayaks that are perfect for first-time paddlers and seasoned explorers alike, we’ve designed the ideal package to help you get up close to Oahu’s coastline without ever leaving land! Included are two tandem kayaks, four paddle systems w/ floatation pouches, four life vests, one dry bag large enough for all gear (fits into a bike rack!), free delivery!