Observatories at this luxurious hotel are so far from the city lights that, on a clear night, you can see more stars.

You’ll also be delighted by the backdrop of palm trees and ocean waves. Self-guided stargazing or tours with an astronomer and telescope are available evenings to early mornings, some days year-round limited-time only.

Westin Hapuna Beach Resort offers relaxing accommodations with complete amenities, state-of-the-art tennis courts, and a fitness center overlooking the Waikoloa beachfront. Wander around twelve miles of the pure white sand beach while the sunset brightens rosy gold and pink hues behind you. Be mesmerized by the golden waves lapping against your feet as the heavens open above, painting a breathtaking view that seems to go on for eternity. Ever see a shooting star streak across the sky’s deep canvas? You’ll get plenty of opportunities when you book at Westin Hapuna Beach Resort & Spa. Pack up some popcorn or make s’mores over one of our fire pits in your private oceanfront cabana, then head outside under a blanket of stars and gaze heavenwards on an intimate stargazing adventure.  

Let your mind wander in outer space at our nature-inspired Stargazing Westin Hapuna Beach Resort. Relax on the beach and forget about life’s stresses while you open your eyes to the depths of space. Purchase tickets early, as this event is sure to sell out quickly!

Our nighttime sky observatory on the beach is one of the most popular in the state and a favorite for visitors to Waimea. You may be lucky enough to spot distant galaxies, or if you visit in winter, an even more rare chance at spotting the Orion Nebula (which can only be seen from the Earth once every 2-5 years) – we’ve seen it three times this year! Take your time before with our International award-winning astronomy staff that will help guide your exploration through our small telescopes.

Orion Star Party’s excellent location and giant telescope offer visitors a thrilling experience unlike any other stargazing hotel experience, where you get to witness up close what no human being could ever see without the aid of technology.

Stargazing at Westin’s Hapuna Beach Resort might be one of the most rewarding vacation experiences you will ever have. For those who’ve never seen a clear sky filled with stars, an awe-inspiring nebula, or the remnants of a supernova in your entire life, it may only seem like seeing stars, but for those who don’t go outside often to see how beautiful our Earth is can appreciate this event. 

It isn’t every day you get the opportunity to do something this spectacular.

Experience the nearly limitless wonders of starlight happening outside your window. Hapuna Beach Resort: Stargazing as they did in ancient Greece! With only 12 guests, two expert astronomers will introduce you to various faraway objects using 11″ refracting telescopes. They’ll be there with their brilliant minds and excellent equipment, so all you have to do is sit back, relax (we’ve even thoughtfully left some snacks), and take it all in.