Surround yourself in the gorgeous natural landscape and solitude of Kauai's South Kona coast

From sea caves to surfing at Ehukai Beach, this tour will show you some of the most beautiful scenery that Kaua’i has to offer. Our staff will keep you entertained with little-known facts about this island paradise and help ensure your view is never obstructed by pesky legroom or other passengers!

Experience a South Kona coastline adventure on an eight-seat charter van as we take in breathtaking views of the Na Pali Coastline from the world-famous Polihale State Park. Visit two spectacular snorkeling spots for a swim before returning home for lunch, which will be served upon return.

Experience the stunning South Kona coastline on this two-hour experience!

Take in beautiful landscapes, sea caves, and crystal blue water as we make our way to two different snorkeling destinations. It’ll be an adventure you’ll never forget.

Enter life on a whole new adventure with our South Kona Adventure Tour! Enjoy your trip with beautiful landscapes, crystal-clear blue water, and breathtaking sea caves, all while sampling the history of these islands in comfort. You’re not going to want to miss this kind of experience; secure your spot now and don’t wait another minute. Get ready for some authentic Hawaiian hospitality.

Experience our South Kona coastline by taking in beautiful landscapes, sea caves, and crystal blue waters as we make our way to two beautiful snorkeling destinations. Please sit back and relax while our staff shares the islands’ history with you during your journey.

The ocean’s natural beauty and diverse wildlife will leave you in awe on this picturesque journey. Experience the South Kona coast with our pristine oceans, serene volcanic landscapes, vibrant botanical plants, beautiful marine life, and historic sights! We’ll be dishing up a feast of breathtaking sites that are sure to ignite your wanderlust as you take in all that we have to offer during this unforgettable excursion.

The South Kona Adventure is a fun way to spend the day. Whether you want to explore sea caves, enjoy some snorkeling, or take in the natural beauty of the coastline- we’ve got something for everyone! Hop onboard and prepare yourself for an adventure with our experienced staff, who will share local history along the journey and meet new people while exploring the beautiful Kona Coastlines. This tour offers an excellent opportunity to mix up your daily routine! You’ll be back feeling refreshed and recharged before stepping out onto those busy streets. 

Scuba down to a sea anemone superhighway, or enjoy the calm water while you explore acres of vibrant reef. Our tours stop for a break at two magnificent locations with gorgeous coastal views and types of snorkeling like ʻpinch-tube point,ʻ, and “scissor rocks” — take your pick!

Scuba down to a sea anemone superhighway, or enjoy the calm water while you explore acres of vibrant reef. Our tour stops for breaks at two scenic spots with ocean vistas: easygoing Hipalili Beach Park; wilder South Point Sea Cave. We offer different stretches and temperatures of snorkeling like “pinch-tube. Journeys don’t have to belong to this one, so sign up today!